Wick Allison

Wick Allison was a fifth-generation Texan who was born and raised in Dallas and attended UT. He was editor of the student magazine at UT and, with Jim Atkinson, came up with the idea of a city magazine for Dallas. He dropped out of SMU’s Cox School of Business, after developing a business plan and raising money in 1974 to launch D Magazine, the fifth city magazine in America (after Philadelphia, San Diego, Chicago, and New York). Today there are over 200 city magazines. After leaving D in 1981 to move to New York and before returning in 1995 to resuscitate the magazine, Wick bought and led the turnaround of Sport magazine, founded Art & Antiques, served as publisher of National Review, edited The Bible to be Read as Living Literature, and wrote That’s in the Bible? and Condemned to Repeat It: Lessons of History for Leaders. He also learned how to fly fish. Wick was also the former chairman of The American Conservative in Washington, D.C. and founder of The Coalition for a New Dallas, a civic enterprise dedicated to instilling urbanist principles in remaking our city.