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Leading Off (11/20/18)

| 3 hours ago

USPS Truck Driver Shot and Killed on I-30. Tony Mosby was shot yesterday while driving his 18-wheeler near downtown. Cops haven’t released any details about the shooter, and there’s a $50,000 reward for information leading to his or her capture and conviction. The murder could lead to a federal investigation.

The La Madeleine Wallet Thief Is Back at It. Remember the woman suspected last summer of grabbing wallets from purses that were hanging on chairs at La Madeleines? Looks like she’s up to her old tricks again in Grapevine. Let’s be careful out there.

Dwaine Caraway Doesn’t Want the NRA Convention. The councilman stood outside City Hall yesterday and asked the NRA to move its May convention to some other city, which seems like wasted breath, especially considering that Dallas hotels are pitching in $400,000 to cover the NRA’s rent of the Convention Center.  

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New EarBurner: Eric Celeste Talks DISD’s Lew Blackburn Controversy

| 21 hours ago

Early this month, we published a piece to FrontBurner entitled “Lew Blackburn’s Sex Problem.” The story went through what felt like a month’s worth of drafts and rewrites until city columnist Eric Celeste got the piece just right. And then the Dallas Morning News’ Corbett Smith went and reported on some of the details of a settlement between the Dallas Independent School District and a fired staffer named Tonya Sadler Grayson. Eric had information that the News didn’t—namely, that trustee Lew Blackburn had sex with Grayson and then later sat on a tribunal that upheld her firing.

So we put the story online immediately—as editor of the website, it is always a joy to publish print content weeks before the issue hits newsstands—and you can find it in its physical form today. We’d also like to see the conversation continue, so we brought Eric onto EarBurner to jaw about the situation. As you can imagine, Eric goes deeper into DISD for us, talking about the power dynamics of those on the board and their relationship with their top subordinate, Superintendent Michael Hinojosa.

(Another teaser, if that doesn’t do it for you: Tim also discusses his failed attempt to meet porn star and alleged presidential mistress Stormy Daniels, who may live in Forney.) Show notes after the jump.

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When the Nurse Becomes the Patient

| 1 day ago

Nothing that the doctor said surprised Kathleen Shuey. She knew about the likelihood of fatigue from the chemotherapy. She knew about the probable hair loss, about how her urine might turn pinkish red or nuclear orange, about how the flavors of some foods might change. She knew how susceptible she’d be to illness. She is a clinical nurse specialist who determines best practices for procedures like administering drugs. If she’d wanted to, she could have stopped her oncologist right then and there, maybe even finished her sentences.

She knew all the words, but she had never lived them. She could not have known that the fatigue would be so deep that, when sitting in her living room chair, the hallway may as well have been in another state. She couldn’t have known how it would make her feel to look down at her breasts and ponder their fate. She may have known the likelihood of having a reaction to one of the drugs, but she didn’t anticipate the rash that would spread across her neck and down to her chest, a reaction so severe that it delayed surgery. Her temperature once spiked so high that it required admission into the hospital. She found herself in a room where she’d stood hundreds of times. Lying in the bed, it suddenly seemed foreign to her.

The disease that Shuey had dedicated her life to researching and fighting had now come for her, just as it had come for her father and her aunt and her uncle. The lifelong nurse had stage two breast cancer, her doctor told her. The words that she’d mastered for her job now turned on her, each one with sharp, deadly edges.

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Local News

Leading Off (2/19/18)

| 1 day ago

Dennis Smith Jr. Had the Best Dunk In the Dunk Contest. OK, he also should have made the finals — his opening double-pump dunk was ridiculously underscored — but his reverse 360 between-the-legs jam with his off hand was easily the best thing that happened.

Which Dallas Psychiatric Hospitals Have Bad Safety Records? The Morning News has an investigation.

Plano Councilman Tom Harrison Says He Won’t Resign. The council voted 7-1 to publicly censure him and Mayor Harry Rosiliere said his resignation would be the best course of action if he truly cared about the city. But Harrison won’t step down after sharing a post on his Facebook page that said, “Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools,” which was not the first questionable post he’d made.

First Baby Hippo Born at Dallas Zoo Does Not Survive. Female hippo Boipelo gave birth Saturday morning in a pool, but she did not help the calf to the surface quickly enough. Just gonna stare into the middle distance for a while. Have a good Monday.

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Dallas Execs Blame Each Other for U.S. Hispanic Chamber Controversy

| 4 days ago

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has named an interim president and CEO after Javier Palomarez of Dallas exited the top post on Feb. 13. But it’s unclear whether the battle between Palomarez and chamber chairman emeritus Nina Vaca of Dallas will be settled anytime soon.

Palomarez, who served as the national organization’s president and CEO for nearly 11 years, was accused of financial impropriety and sexual harassment by members of the chamber late last year. According to a petition filed in Dallas County district court, Palomarez was “terminated … following a board presentation by Vaca.” The petition says Vaca alleged “overcompensation” by Palomarez of as much as $1.5 million. Since then, the chamber’s outside counsel said an investigation had determined that “the salary paid was appropriate, and that the board [would not take any] further action against Mr. Palomarez.” The chamber has yet to respond to a request for comment on the sexual harassment allegations.

Palomarez, however, denies any wrongdoing during his time at the chamber, saying that the allegations stem from an affair gone sour with Vaca, the CEO of Dallas’s Pinnacle Group, who found the alleged financial impropriety as she was reviewing Palomarez’s contract for renewal.

“About two years ago, I broke off the relationship,” Palomarez told D CEO magazine, claiming the “intimate relationship” began in 2010. “I said … ‘I love you dearly and have all the respect for you in the world, but I’m not marrying you and I’m not going to leave my wife.’ [Nina] wouldn’t have it … One argument led to another to another to another.”

Vaca’s lawyer vigorously denies Palomarez’s claim. “Mr. Palomarez has mischaracterized their friendship in a way designed to deflect attention and get retribution against Nina for raising the original financial concerns,” Charla Aldous of Aldous\Walker LLP said. “It’s been reported that the chamber ultimately acted to remove Mr. Palomarez from his role, so they at least saw past the deflection and attempted bullying.”

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Politics & Government

Here Is Where Your Dallas Politicians Stand on the NRA

| 4 days ago

On Thursday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he was writing a letter to Texas’ two U.S. senators and Dallas-area representatives to the U.S. House, urging them to take action against the epidemic of mass shootings. Rawlings was careful to cast it as a nonpartisan issue, citing both “mental health,” a common Republican talking point in the wake of gun massacres, and “gun control,” Democrats’ preferred option, as potential causes of the violence.

Any action that Congress does take will, of course, be a political issue. Even if, as the mayor suggests, they assemble a nonpartisan commission to address gun violence. These are politicians. And as politicians, they are dependent on campaign donations.

The website Open Secrets has a handy spreadsheet tracking donations the National Rifle Association has made to support various Congress members over the course of their respective political careers. It counts both spending on the candidate and against that candidate’s opponents in a given campaign to come up with a grand total of NRA funding supporting each elected official. Senator John Cornyn, for example, has received more than $59,000 in NRA money. Ted Cruz, $77,000.

Here are the NRA contributions sent to Dallas’ national representatives, the leaders that Rawlings is asking to address gun violence. Unsurprisingly, they break down along partisan lines — Neither of North Texas’ Democratic U.S. House reps, Eddie Bernice Johnson and Marc Veasey, have accepted money from the NRA.

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Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 2

| 4 days ago

This is near the intersection of Harwood and Ross downtown, where the Trammel Crow Center is renovating and, across the street, building a hotel, apartments, and assorted amenities. Workers were kind enough to build a scaffolding-and-plywood passage over the sidewalk, something lacking in last week’s edition of “Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians.” Puzzlingly, there is a “sidewalk closed” sign, as well as red caution tape suggesting that pedestrians should not make use of said tunnel. Progress?

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Local News

Dale Hansen Talks About School Shootings

| 4 days ago

Channel 8 sports broadcaster Dale Hansen, a recurring viral sensation for his forceful and surprising takes on social topics, delivered from a perspective that could perhaps best be described as “woke old white guy,” addressed school shootings Thursday night.

A quote, and the clip itself, below.

If it was a Muslim or a Mexican doing the shootings how much money would we spend then to stop the madness? But since it’s almost always a white kid, there’s just nothing we can do. America has 5 percent of the world’s population and yet 31 percent of the world’s mass shootings. We’re worried about people coming to this country. They should be worried about us coming to theirs.

For further reading, a 1997 D Magazine story in which Hansen describes how he got fired from the Cowboys.

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Local News

Leading Off (2/16/18)

| 4 days ago

Two Area High School Students Arrested for Bringing Guns to School. A student each at Flower Mound’s Marcus High and Plano West, respectively, were arrested for allegedly having handguns on campus a day after a deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school. Neither student used the weapons.

Climate Change Is Bad News For North Texas. It’s bad news for almost everywhere else, too. But here in Dallas we can expect “longer droughts, heavy rains, and 120-degree temps within 25 years,” plus increases in heat-related deaths, high economic costs, and a less predictable tornado season.

Hope You Enjoyed Thursday’s Balmy Weather. Because a cold front blows through today. What global warming, right? Haha! Thanks Delkus! Have a nice weekend, everybody!

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