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Not Only Are Ugly Buildings Messing Up Dallas, They May Be Ruining Your Health

| 55 mins ago

Last week, I wrote about how I believe much of the new construction in Dallas — and particularly multi-family construction — leaves much to be desired, aesthetically speaking. In the combative comments section to that post, I was accused of advancing a subjective value assessment of the current state of Dallas building that naively misunderstood the delicate economics that make new construction possible. But what if the aesthetic quality of a building possesses a value that supersedes financial considerations and conventions of taste? What if ugly buildings were actually bad for your health?

That’s what critic Sarah Williams Goldhagen argues in her new book Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives. Interviewed on CityLab, Goldhagen argues that part of what has led to a glut of ugly building is a split in cities and in the real estate industry between the disciplines of building and architecture:

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Sports & Leisure

Lucky Whitehead Not Really All That Lucky, Arrested on Shoplifting Charge

| 1 hour ago
When the Cowboys inevitably cut Whitehead, Blitz may need a new jersey. Photo via Lucky Whitehead’s Instagram, @luck2fast.

In the latest sign that he may be out of (good opportunities), a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Lucky Whitehead, TMZ Sports reports.

The Cowboys wide receiver and kick returner enjoyed a stroke of (fortuitous occurrence) last week when his missing and allegedly kidnapped dog, Blitz, was returned by a rapper named Boogotti Kasino. Fortunes turn quickly, however. Before that, Whitehead was evidently arrested and charged with shoplifting on June 22 in Prince William County, VA. A Virginia court issued a warrant for Whitehead’s arrest after he failed to make a July 6 court date, which seems less like (a bad twist of fate) and more like the result of old-fashioned chuckle-headedness. Failure to appear has been stacked on to the shoplifting charge.

This furthers the case that Whitehead, who has been a nonfactor as a wide receiver and a largely unexceptional kick returner for the Cowboys, may not be long for the Dallas roster. Fourth round draft pick Ryan Switzer is untested in the NFL, but the return specialist from North Carolina is surely thanking his (favored) stars that he’s sitting right behind Whitehead on the depth chart.

It’s more tough news for the Cowboys, who also learned today that their Super Bowl hopes have been jinxed by the August cover of D Magazine. But only if you believe in jinxes, and hexes, and (chance). The Cowboys can still make their own (destiny).

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Local News

Leading Off (7/24/17)

| 9 hours ago

Jordan Spieth Averts Disaster, Wins British Open. It looked like Spieth was on the verge of another Augusta-like meltdown on the 13th hole of the 146th Open Championship. But instead he sort of miraculously rescued a bogey and rebounded to finish strong. Now he’s a win away from a career grand slam. He also did this.

Casa Rubia Closes In Trinity Groves. As Nancy says of chef-owner Omar Flores’ well-reviewed modern Spanish restaurant, “Critical acclaim couldn’t keep this restaurant from going under.”

Texas AG Asks City Why It Withheld Key Trinity Forest Documents. Fix this, T.C.

Dallas Zoo Sets Attendance Record. For the third straight year, it hit a million visitors, but did so faster than ever. No one’s giraffin’ around over there.

Founder of Arlington Church Dies of West Nile. Richard Lord, who started Rush Creek Christian Church in 1978, was 82.

Cristian Colman Finally Comes Through For FC Dallas. The young Paraguayan forward was the biggest signing for the team, but hadn’t been able to net a goal through the first half of the season. That changed Saturday in Montreal, when Colman’s brace from the team back from a goal down on the road. And he would have — should have — had a hat trick, but it was disallowed. Your boys are back in first in the Western Conference, with two games in hand.

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New Hope Mayor Jess Herbst Testifies Against Bathroom Bill

| 3 days ago

New Hope Mayor Jess Herbst joined hundreds of civil rights activists and Texas business leaders in Austin today to testify against the so-called “bathroom bill” being considered by the state legislature.

The first openly transgender mayor in the state, profiled in the June issue of D Magazine, was the first of 250 speakers to address a Senate panel weighing a pair of bills that would limit transgender people’s access to public restrooms, requiring every individual to use the restroom corresponding with their sex at birth. The bathroom bill has drawn condemnation from transgender activists, local leaders concerned about the state smashing city anti-discrimination ordinances, and executives fearful that its passage would, as in North Carolina, drive away business and sports events. Its supporters, who have found a sympathetic audience in Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and socially conservative Texas lawmakers, call it a public safety issue.

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Arts & Entertainment

Hear Great Music at Moody Performance Hall Sunday

| 3 days ago

The Basically Beethoven Festival this year, put on by Dallas’ Fine Arts Chamber Players, presents free concerts on Sunday afternoons in July at Moody Performance Hall (formerly Dallas City Performance Hall). Awesome. But the lineup this Sunday, in particular, makes it even better.

The featured performers are my dad, Stephen Nielson, and my sister, Caroline. As my dad is a concert pianist and my sister is a mezzo soprano, he’ll be playing and she’ll be singing. Dallas Symphony Orchestra violinist Motoi Takeda will also be joining them for works by Beethoven (of course), Francis Poulenc, and Amy Beach. It’s going to be great. And it won’t cost you a thing.

To recap:

When: Sunday at 3 p.m., but get there early to snag a seat.

Where: 2520 Flora St.

Why: You’ll get to hear quality music from quality musicians (I would know). And it’s free. Did I mention it’s free?

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The Dumbest Question Renee Hall Has Been Asked So Far

| 3 days ago
Via Detroit Police Department Facebook page

This morning on The KERA Friday Conversation, Rick Holter asked Renee Hall, Dallas’ newly tapped police chief, one of the dumbest questions you can ask anyone at the top of her male-dominated police career. Her answer is smart.

Rick Holter: You’re the first woman to get the job as chief here. How do you win over the guys?

Renee Hall: I’ve been in law enforcement for nearly 19 years, and I’m a leader in the organization that I’m in. I really want people not to just look at me as a woman chief; I want you to look at me as a chief. I’m here because I have the ability. I don’t want to win over anybody based on my sex. I want to win over the officers because they believe in me, that I’m supporting them, that I’m giving them what they need to be successful in the streets of Dallas. So, you know, I am a woman, and I’m proud to be a woman. But I need people to understand that I’m a chief.

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Local News

New Podcast: SMU Prof and Wild Detectives Wordsmith Lauren Smart

| 3 days ago

Man, oh, man. Show notes DO make things more interesting, don’t they? YOU WON’T GET ANY SHOW NOTES! Just this: Lauren Smart is an SMU professor. She’s a writer. And she programs events at Wild Detectives, everyone’s favorite Oak Cliff bookstore. Zac and I talk with Lauren about why the name “Lauren” sounds ditzy, how the Cowboys cleaned up the Zeke Elliott mess at Clutch, and when Boogotti Kasino will become the name of an Uptown club. Oh, plus we talk about books and art and stuff. Use your ears to listen with the streaming player below, or download EarBurner with your favorite podcatcher.

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Leading Off

Leading Off (7/21/17)

| 3 days ago

New Dallas Police Chief Says She’s Up to the Challenge. Some of the problems Ulysha Renee Hall will need to tackle are a shrinking department, increased crime, and police morale and pay issues. “The city of Detroit has experienced the same elements and challenges that the city of Dallas has right now. We’ve come out on top,” Hall said.

North Texas College Professors Want to Fight Fake News. Professors from UT Arlington and UT Dallas are working on a proposal that would use technology to help get rid of fake claims in the news. They have a one-year grant of $30,000 from UT Austin’s Texas National Security Network Excellence Fund.

Former Lab Tech Says Workers Celebrated Payday by…Groping Each Other? Yes, seriously. Holly Pinks, a former employee at Southwest Laboratory in Old East Dallas, is suing the company for sexual harassment during events called “Gropening Day.” The suit says that male employees, including her boss, told her that on Fridays “everyone would be getting groped or touched inappropriately.” Pinks said that “It was almost like a cloud of sexual harassment and assault on a daily basis.” Can someone help me understand how a group of people got together and thought this was a good idea? I am thoroughly disgusted.

Heat Advisory Today. It’s going to hit 100. We’re officially in the triple digits, people. Stay cool.

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