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Leading Off (3/20/19)

| 2 hours ago

Jesuit Sued by Student Over Sexual Abuse: The headline on this story tripped me up, because I thought the priest himself—Donald Dickerson—was suing. It’s actually an unnamed plaintiff seeking damages over $1 million. Dickerson was on the “credibly accused” list released in December, one of 11 Jesuit Dallas clergymen on it.

STD Rates Are Rising Fast in Dallas County: We saw the highest percentage increase in the country for chlamydia and gonorrhea, a new analysis says. Magnifying the problem is the fact that 2,500 people were denied visits last year at the county’s overrun STD clinic.

Second Measles Case in Collin County: *sigh* I guess I can see the two sides of the argument. On one end, you should definitely vaccinate your children. But on the other end, you should DEFINITELY 100 PERCENT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN. On a third end, you should vaccinate them.

Man Enters Crawl Space With 45 Snakes: You know, usually I’ve got bats atop my pantheon of gross creatures. But if you throw dozens of venomous snakes on top of each other, AND you put them in a contained space? The scales start to tip.

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Commercial Real Estate

Dallas Mayoral Candidates Address the Real Estate Community

| 18 hours ago

The Real Estate Council is the latest organization to welcome the city’s mayoral candidates to address their corner of Dallas. Onstage at Gilley’s Monday night were seven of the nine—state Rep. Eric Johnson missed the forum, as did socialist candidate Alyson Kennedy.

WFAA’s David Schechter was the evening’s moderator. Each candidate was allowed two minutes for opening remarks and one minute to answer each of five questions: one regarding the candidates’ support of the new housing policy; one regarding urban planning and transportation issues; another for economic development strategies; one regarding barriers to development; and a final one detailing their approaches to navigating the rancor in City Council.

Other than Lynn Mcbee publicly supporting the tearing-out of I-345 between downtown and Deep Ellum, the candidates played it close to the vest, much the same as they have up to now. 

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Now That Dirk Nowitzki is the NBA’s Sixth Highest Scorer, Revisit This Oral History

| 19 hours ago

In 2009, three years removed from having their hearts ripped out during the finals by Miami, senior editor Zac Crain put together an oral history of the big German’s time in Dallas. We’ve posted it here before, but that was a few years ago. He wasn’t the NBA’s sixth-most scoring leader then. As of last night, he is now. You should sacrifice some of your afternoon to read it.

It’s an awesome time capsule, told by the people who played with him, wrote about him, signed him, trained with him, and analyzed him. You’ve got Charles Barkley talking about the time he played against him when he was a teenager; Dirk put up 50 when Barkley’s Rockets visited Germany for an exhibition game. “We had another really good defender … and he just whooped their ass.” There are stories from Steve Nash, including memories of red-faced, late night bar photos that now live in infamy: “It was a regular night. The only thing that made it different is that someone had a camera. Will they ever go away? I hope not. Classic.”

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Health & Fitness

This Dallas Fitness Trainer Quit Her Job to Climb Mount Everest

| 24 hours ago

On March 25, Crystal Lovell will leave her home in McKinney, Texas–where she’s been sleeping in a Box Altitude tent to simulate the rarefied air at 18,000 feet–to fly to Kathmandu and climb Mount Everest. Sitting across from her in Houndstooth Coffee on Henderson Avenue, it’s hard to believe that the F45 fitness trainer only hiked her first mountain three years ago. “I got into it kind of by accident,” she says, sipping a bottle of water while I eat a croissant. “I moved here from Florida for work and went through just total depression and gained 50 pounds. My whole life revolved around work.”

A friend invited her to go backpacking through Yosemite, and one night they camped on top of a mountain peak. “I fell in love with the struggle of it, and then getting to see the views,” she says.

She took a break from her job as a sales consultant with Lincoln Financial to attend a 6-day mountaineering school in Washington with Alpine Ascents International. Then she climbed Mount Rainier, the tallest peak in Washington.

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Local News

Leading Off (3/19/19)

| 1 day ago

Dirk Passes Wilt As League’s Sixth All-Time Scorer. And he did it on a trademark fadeaway mid-range jumper, the type that’s in and out of his hands in a flash—even at age 41. He needed just four points to pass Wilt Chamberlain’s 31,419 all-time. “I just took my time and faced him up like I’ve done a million times,” Dirk said, making it seem just as easy as it looks.

District Attorney Drops Charges Against Officers Who Killed Tony Timpa. John Creuzot told the family yesterday that he would no longer be pursuing deadly conduct charges against the officers responsible for Timpa’s death. Timpa’s mother and Cary Aspinwall of The Dallas Morning News fought hard to get the department to release the records, which showed that Timpa had been restrained facedown in the grass for 13 minutes outside of a porn store while an officer shoved a knee into his back. Creuzot said the dismissal “was made following a lengthy investigation and determination as to the official cause of death.” A grand jury had issued the indictment. The medical examiner determined Timpa died from “the toxic effects of cocaine and the stress associated with physical restraint.”

Dallas Family Sues Atmos In Wake of Home Explosion. The day before a 12-year-old was killed by an explosion following a gas leak, David Lemus’ HVAC unit blew up in his face. His home was destroyed and his face was burned. They’re seeking more than $1 million.

Another Student Robbed In Oak Cliff. This one occurred near Townview after classes had dismissed. The student handed over their backpack and was unharmed. It’s not clear whether this one’s connected to the other robberies, to which police have already secured confessions from two teenagers. 

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Local News

Dallas Mayoral Poll Week Three: The Socialists Are Gaming Our Poll

| 2 days ago

It’s possible—OK, probable—that someone is gaming our numbers.

How else do you explain socialist candidate Alyson Kennedy’s sudden bump up to second place from last? Or Jason Villalba’s 18x increase in popularity? Or Albert Black nearly doubling his total votes over last week?

We’ve set the poll so that you can vote one time. It’s possible—OK, probable—that fans of these campaigns or the campaigns themselves have found a workaround. For now, we’re going to keep presenting the numbers and know you’ll take them with a grain of salt.

To recap, the idea here is to look at the week that was, the events, the headlines, the spats, the mishaps, and give you a sense of where every candidates is spending their time. We give you a fresh poll each week. We also reveal the results of the previous week’s poll.

This week was relatively quiet. It’s spring break for many; maybe that’s it. Maybe we all needed time away to digest the prior week. You had a few candidates going before the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas for an endorsement. And you had a forum from the Mexican Bar Association.

As always, find our primer on every candidate here. Now let’s get to it.

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No Man on Earth Can Beat Errol Spence Jr., and He Knows It

| 2 days ago

While everyone surrounding him stood still, Errol Spence Jr. bounced from one foot to the other. When he stopped, he banged his silver-colored gloves against each other and walked from the hallways of AT&T Stadium toward the ring on the 50-yard-line. He’d sometimes punch across his body as he took a step. Other times, Spence simply walked with a stoic look. Everyone around him looked serious, except the Lancaster High School’s marching band, which belted out an energetic version of Big Tuck’s Dallas anthem “Southside Da Realist.” Even Yella Beezy, the Oak Cliff rapper who performed “It’s On Me” as the boxer walked to the ring, looked as unanimated as anyone can look while rapping into a microphone to a crowd of over 47,500.

Spence’s opponent, Mikey Garcia, waited in the ring. Like Spence, Garcia’s ring entrance was grand. Red, green, and white lights shot like lasers across the stadium. Unlike Spence, Garcia smiled. He wore a black tejana that contrasted his mostly white ring attire. Once inside the ring, Garcia kissed those white gloves and extended them to the public.

All week, at the public events leading up to Saturday night’s fight, Garcia was the crowd favorite. At Tuesday night’s media workouts, the people chanted his name in two syllables. “MI-KEY! MI-KEY! MI-KEY!” At Friday’s weigh-in, they did the same and when the announcer introduced Spence, it even sounded like the hometown fighter got booed. Watching men fight often arouses a sense of tribalism that extends beyond a shared location. Everyone around boxing understands this. Some, attempting to appeal to boxing’s largest and most influential fanbase, have even claimed themselves honorary Mexicans. This, among other reasons, was why Garcia, the underdog, received such an ovation.

When Spence ducked and stepped between the second and third ropes to enter the ring, he flashed a slight smile. It looked enormous on the screen that hangs above on the field. He sang along to the music that blared across the stadium so loud that talking practically required you to yell in your neighbor’s ear.

Spence walked around the ring. Garcia bounced on his feet and punched at the air. Spence retreated to his blue corner, where a man removed the boxer’s hat. He then unzipped Spence’s shirt. Once you have boxing gloves on—duct taped around the wrists so that the knotted laces don’t come loose—you can do little for yourself besides fight. With his sleepy eyes, Spence looked across the ring as Garcia’s corner held their man’s world championship belts above their head, all four of them. Spence’s corner raised their single belt; the only one that mattered for this fight. It was the belt Garcia wanted.

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Southwest Airlines Secures its Mechanics—at a Steep Price

| 2 days ago

It took six years, but the mechanics union serving Southwest Airlines has agreed to terms on a new labor contract. Over the weekend, the two sides said they’ve reached a deal that will boost salaries by an immediate 20 percent, with 3 percent raises each year. The deal goes five years. There’s also a $160 million ratification bonus tucked in.

The agreement in principle will soon be fleshed out and put to a union vote. Assuming it’s ratified, it’ll end six years of negotiations that have ratcheted up in recent months.

Things had been particularly heated since early February, when CBS News ran a lengthy feature digging into the safety culture at Dallas-based Southwest. Members of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association factored prominently, saying they’ve been repeatedly pressured to look away from possible safety issues and keep planes in the air.

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After New Zealand Shooting, DFW Muslims Join in Irving to Process Their Grief

| 2 days ago

Last week, in Christchurch, New Zealand, 50 Muslims were killed inside two mosques. The perpetrator knew what day it was. He opened fire during Jummah, a Friday prayer that attracts the most Muslims —especially children—to the mosque each week. I doubt any Muslim was shocked it happened. With the current grooming and allowance of anti-Muslim rhetoric in the news, it almost feels inevitable. I had no interest learning the shooter’s name or story but, rather, the names and stories of the Muslims who passed away. For any believing Muslim, we know they are guaranteed Paradise as martyrs.

A vigil was held downtown at Dealey Plaza for the victims on Saturday. I didn’t have the energy to attend. I needed to surround myself with people who understood a collective pain. Messages of “love” are not enough to heal wounds that are so fresh and deeply engraved. No imam attended, as Muslims were occupied with helping each other. Vigils were held at several mosques in Dallas.

On Saturday night, Roots DFW, a casual community space in Irving for Muslims, held a forum and prayer reflecting on the New Zealand tragedy. The discussion was led by Ustadh Abdel Rahman Murphy, an instructor at the Qalam Institute in Arlington and the director of the Roots Community Space. The forum allowed Muslims to mourn among one another for the victims of a hateful crime.

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Local News

Leading Off (03/18/19)

| 2 days ago

Dirk is Four Points Away From Passing Wilt Chamberlain on the All-Time Scorers List. He almost did it on Saturday night, with a 14-point outburst, including 10 in the fourth. He should do it tonight against New Orleans. If it’s anything like when he got to 30,000, it should be special. I’m still slightly hoarse from screaming “I SEE YOU BIG GERMAN!”

Errol Spence Jr. Earns Decisive Victory Over Mikey Garcia. In front of a hometown(ish) crowd of almost 50,000, Spence dominated his opponent on Saturday night, to retain his welterweight title. A lesson to anyone who wants to win boxing matches: come on the EarBurner podcast. That’s where champions are built. Everyone knows it.

FC Dallas Suffers First Loss. They didn’t really stand a chance since they only managed two shots on goal all game. Which is barely more than my total of zero, but I was a pretty long way from Columbus, Ohio.

Lakewood’s 1st and 10 Closes. No details as to why, but a lockout notice showed up on the door sometime around Friday. Besides for being a sports bar stalwart, it was where my son and I have played trivia on Tuesday nights for well over a year. The Kooks will hopefully see the Billy Llamas, 89 Man Marchers, and the others somewhere else soon.

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New EarBurner: Boxer Errol Spence Jr. on the Eve of His Biggest Fight

| 5 days ago

Errol Spence Jr. travels with a group of 12. Or, at least, he did on Tuesday when he showed up at the Old Monk to record the latest episode of our EarBurner podcast. At 4 p.m., he more than doubled the number of people inside.

Spence is an undefeated boxer who earned the International Boxing Federation’s welterweight title in 2017. He’s from DeSoto, which makes this weekend all the more important. He’s got his first pay-per-view fight on Saturday night at AT&T Stadium, in front of more than 50,000 fans and at least a few million who will watch on TV. He’s fighting Oxnard, California’s Mikey Garcia, who is jumping a weight class to battle Spence for the title.

I wrote about what our hometown champ is facing earlier this week, which went along with a video that staff photographer Elizabeth Lavin produced. Please give it a read and a watch. And I’ll leave you now with show notes after the jump. Learn all about what his first knockout felt like, why he switched from football to boxing, and why he stayed in Dallas after he made it big. Go, Errol. Win it for Dallas. (Oh, and as always, you can subscribe to EarBurner through the Apple podcast app, Spotify, or your favorite pod catcher.)

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