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Zac Crain

Zac Crain

Senior Editor, D Magazine

Zac, senior editor of D Magazine, has written about the explosion in West, Texas; legendary country singer Charley Pride; Tony Dorsett's struggle with life after football; and imaginary meetings with a mosquito and a Pegasus.The author of 2009's Black Tooth Grin and A Pedestrian's Recent History of Dallas and I See You, Big German (both 2020), he lives near White Rock Lake and walks a lot.

Stories by Zac Crain

Stories by Zac Crain

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Leading Off (4/17/23)

If you don't like something, just assume I am speculating in a comic mode.
MATT TOBIN watch collection

Matt Tobin of Goodfriend: Confessions of a Watch Freak

We all know Tobin as the owner of Goodfriend, a beer garden and burger house hybrid. But here’s a fun fact about him: he has been fascinated with watches ever since his parents got matching Omegas. And now, Tobin has acquired a full collection.

We Know How This Mavericks Season Ends, and It Won’t Be Pretty

Yes, they won last night. But the problems run a lot deeper, and they aren't going away.
Leading Off

Leading Off (3/27/23)

Distressing! I'm distressed!
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Leading Off (3/14/23)

Happy birthday to my dad, Jack. Or Happy Pi Day. Whichever you want to celebrate.