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Leading Off

Leading Off (3/18/24)

Time for the montage to start.

Mavs Take Down Denver on Ridiculous Kyrie Irving Left-Handed Hook Shot. Here it is from every angle. Irving said after that he thought he’d gotten closer, but it was officially 20.1 feet, a distance from which many people couldn’t hit a regular shot in five tries. They were in position to win on that shot thanks to a game-tying three by Luka Doncic, after the defending-champion Nuggets came back from down 13 in the fourth. Big W for your boys—they are almost out of the play-in stage in the volatile Western Conference now.

Stars Unveil Mike Modano Statue. It’s by the same studio that made the Dirk Nowitzki statue and, yes, it features his jersey flapping behind him as the Stars legend speeds up the ice.

Cooler Weather to Begin This Week. Cool as in temperature not as in temperament, although you can layer when it’s in the 50s, so that, too, kinda.

Mega Millions Jackpot Is Sixth Largest. That would be $875 million, with a cash value of around $413.5 million. Drawing is Tuesday. If I win, I’m gonna buy a boat. And then sink it, because I don’t like boats.


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