Podcast: Dr. Seema Yasmin Talks Zika Virus, Tornadoes, and Porn Conventions

Jason Heid | 2/12/2016 8:48:52 AM

This week on EarBurner, Dallas Morning News reporter and UT-Dallas professor Dr. Seema Yasmin returns to the Old Monk to explain just how worried we should (or should not) be about the emergence of the Zika virus in Dallas. Plus, Tim and Zac talk about the city’s recent decision to ban the Exxxotica porn convention and the announcement of the cast of Real Housewives of Dallas.

It’s Yasmin’s second time at Table No. 1. You may remember the show from last May when there was an overabundance of talk about rejuvenating vaginas.

Before you get to listening to the new episode, a few notes:

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