‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere Recap: What’s Wrong With Being Conf—Er, Hammered?

Augusta Neal | 5/24/2016 11:23:48 AM

Hello, Bachelor Nation. It’s that time of year again, for another season of The Bachelorette. JoJo is back in our lives, which means so is our emotional, parasocial relationship with her. She’s also back on social media, rapid-fire Instagramming again after an 11 week hiatus. She even alludes to finding the “love she’s always dreamt of.” Mysterious~*~*~

Don’t you know somewhere in this world, Lauren Bushnell is trying to act like she’s totally cool with it if Ben wants to watch JoJo’s season? No insecurity about the other woman Ben loved at all.

And speaking of being loved – JoJo has already been dubbed the hottest Bachelorette in the history of the show. So she’s basically female Ben Higgins, without all the, “I’m unlovable” nonsense. No, JoJo knows she’s a catch, and she fully owns it.

Those red-dress-clad “Confident” commercials were no freaking joke.

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