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Winners and Losers This Week in Dallas (9/23/16)

| 1 day ago


Larry Casto
After an exhaustive, nationwide search the Dallas City Council discovered the city attorney of their dreams had been right in front of them all along. He was officially hired on Wednesday. +15

Dallas County Employees
The Commissioners Court voted them 8 percent raises all around. +24 million

Betsy Price
The Fort Worth mayor was praised by Bicycling magazine as “America’s most bike crazy mayor.” +66

North Texas Charities
Donors gave big — to the tune of more than $37 million — on this year’s Giving Day. +142,891

Zac Crain

Rick Perry dancing

+3 and 3/4 stars

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Health & Medicine

Let’s Keep the Best Doctors in Dallas

| 1 day ago
I never made it to the sundae bar at the Best Docs party last night. Photo by Matt Shelley
I never made it to the sundae bar at the Best Docs party last night.

I read a Harvard Business Review article on Facebook yesterday (don’t judge) that gave a horrifying stat: if there’s only one woman in your candidate pool, there’s statistically no chance she’ll be hired. In the HBR series of studies, they showed that if you have one woman in a group of four candidates, she has a 0 percent chance of being hired. If two out of four candidates are women, her odds break even. To have a greater than 50/50 chance of being hired, at least three out of four of the candidates have to be women.

Three out of four.

That’s because humans, apparently, like the status quo. We feel comfortable with how things are. If more men are in the room, we believe more men should stay in the room. And vice versa. Change is scary. Consider the thought of a woman president: to choose one, we want to know that she’s not different from the norm. If she’s the only candidate, ever, there must be something wrong with her. She must be unhinged, unbalanced, and possibly brain-damaged, according to some.

Last night I had the privilege of attending D Magazine’s Best Docs party. It appeared to be an impressively diverse group based on race and gender, although for those whom I didn’t personally know or wasn’t able to read their name tags, I don’t know for sure if they were doctors or significant others.

But I did have a chat with one female surgeon, an incredible local talent. After we hugged and complimented each other’s dresses, I mentioned the HBR article.

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Ranking Stuff

Final Day For Greatest Dallasites Voting. Who Will Finish in the Top 100?

| 1 day ago

This is it, folks. The final day for voting in our Greatest Dallasites competition. Whichever significant locals rank in the top 100 (out of the 303 contenders) at the end of today will be recognized in the December 2016 issue of D Magazine. The remainder will be consigned to the dustbin of history (actually, we’ll just run their finishing order online.)

Afraid that sports stars will dominate the list? Afraid that those associated with the Dallas Cowboys will dominate the list? Afraid of seeing too many old white guys dominate the list? Me too. Get voting, and you can make a difference in the final result.

Thanks to everyone for your participation. We’ve had a lot of fun with this contest, and we hope you’ve done the same.


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D Magazine Scores 7 Folio Eddie & Ozzie Award Finalists

| 1 day ago

Folio:, the magazine about magazines, runs an annual national awards contest, and we’ve learned today that, once again, D Magazine and have scored a number of finalists. They are:

  • For a single article in a regional consumer publication, this May 2016 article by Mary Mapes, “When Henry Wade Executed an Innocent Man”
  • For an online column or blog for a consumer publication, Tim Rogers’ popular Real Housewives of Dallas recaps. (For some unknown reason Folio: credits these to D Home.)
  • For a regional consumer website, in its entirety is nominated.
  • For site design of a consumer website, our Neighborhood Guides have been recognized.
  • Our digital-only Best New Bars feature for 2015 is a finalists for online tool on a consumer website, thanks to its functionality that includes fun “night mode” and “airplane mode” options.
  • For overall design of a consumer (print) publication with a circulation under 250K, D Magazine is in the running
  • And for use of an illustration in a consumer publication, the excellent cover of the July 2015 issue  (you can only see it partially here, or entirely above this post.)

Congratulations to our entire editorial and art teams, on the digital side and in the old-fashioned ink-on-paper format, for this work.

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Gannett Wants to Buy the Dallas Morning News

| 1 day ago

The New York Post is reporting that Gannett, the publisher of USA Today and the largest newspaper chain in the country, might want to add the Dallas Morning News to its portfolio by buying A.H. Belo:

In July, Gannett — America’s biggest newspaper publisher — continued to get bigger, buying the Bergen Record for around $40 million. Part of Gannett’s strategy calls for inserting a smaller edition of the USA Today in many midsize city papers.

Gannett has scheduled a special board meeting next week, a source said, who did not know what was on the agenda.

A.H. Belo Chairman and Chief Executive James Moroney, who has been publisher of the Dallas Morning News since 2001, would like to sell, the source said.

He recently received interest in buying A.H. Belo’s 8 acres of Dallas real estate, but did not want to sell, the source said, indicating a larger deal may be in the works.
“A bid is certainly in the realm of possibility,” a Wall Street newspaper expert said.

“The person Gannett would need to convince is not Jim Moroney, but his cousin Robert Decker, who owns twice as much stock. Another pillar of Dallas, Decker’s sister Dealey Herndon is on the board and would also have to be amenable to a sale,” the expert said.

Should we question the Post‘s reporting because they can’t get Robert Decherd’s name right? Regardless, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Dallas Morning News owners are preparing themselves for a sale.

If Gannett is the lucky suitor, I guess maybe we have more full-color graphics, shorter stories, and emoji commentary on front-page stories to look forward to. Of course the most significant aspect of this is Dallas losing local ownership of its daily newspaper.

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Leading Off (9/23/16)

| 2 days ago

North Texas Giving Day Sets Record. The annual nonprofit fundraising extravaganza boasts of having received 142,892 gifts totaling $37,349,053 split between 2,518 organizations. It’s the fifth straight year that the event has topped its own record. So good job, everybody. I’m sure Tim Rogers will be both humble and gracious as he lords over us one and all the fact that his alma mater — Cistercian Preparatory School — raised the most money of any single organization.

Coppell ISD Sued Over Lack of Asian Representation. The lawsuit filed by Pankaj Jain, who unsuccessfully sought a seat on the CISD board in May, is aiming to force the school district to adopt single-member districts. Jain argues that the at-large seats elected now deny Asian-Americans a fair shot at board representation. Coppell’s student population is 41 percent Asian, compared to only 38 percent non-Hispanic white, 13 percent Hispanic, and 5 percent black. Meanwhile the board has six white members and one black member.

Peaceful Protest Downtown. The Next Generation Network led a demonstration against police brutality from Main Street Garden through nearby streets last night. A heavy police presence appeared when about 30 of the more than 100 protesters briefly blocked traffic at the intersection of St. Paul and Main streets, but the protesters moved out of the way before any arrests were made.

Star-Telegram Executive Editor Announces Retirement. Jim Witt has been with the Fort Worth newspaper since 1986 and has served as its editor-in-chief for the last 20 years, the second-longest tenure of anyone in that position. He’s leaving at the end of October.

Earthquake in Irving on Thursday. The 2.4 magnitude tremor was recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey at about 7:36 a.m. yesterday in an area along the Trinity River not far west of Interstate 35E intersects Northwest Highway.

Texas Rangers Could Clinch AL West Today. The team’s magic number sits at one after the Houston Astros lost on Thursday. That means with either another Astros loss or a Rangers win in Oakland (game starts at 8:35 p.m.), Texas will be popping champagne to celebrate another division championship.

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Politics & Government

Dallas Billionaire Mark Cuban Tries, Tries Again

| 2 days ago

Like a feisty little terrier scampering after the wheels of a big, fast-moving SUV, Mark Cuban has been nipping at Donald Trump’s heels for more than a decade. The Dallas businessman’s latest effort to bite The Donald: offering $10 million to charity if the GOP presidential nominee would sit down for a four-hour interview with Cuban about policy issues. (Come on—only four hours?) The Dallas Mavericks owner also predicted the U.S. financial markets would “tank” if Trump ever made it to the White House.

Cuban hasn’t always been so antagonistic to his fellow billionaire, though. (Forbes says Trump’s net worth is $4.5 billion; Cuban’s, $3.2 billion.) Not much more than a year ago, in fact, Mark was practically begging to be Trump’s vice presidential pick. Even as recently as May and June, he said he was “open” to being The Donald’s—and Hillary Clinton’s—VP. So, what changed? Cuban claims he learned that Trump isn’t interested enough in learning about world affairs to merit his support. But, given Cuban’s history with the New York businessman, that doesn’t really pass the smell test.

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Mark Davis and I Got Into it on Twitter Over Sideline Protests

| 2 days ago


In today’s paper, conservative commentator and radio host Mark Davis has an op-ed titled “Americans Have Had it With Sideline Protests Fueled by Activist Racial Revenge.” That’s the online headline, anyway. Print might be different. I have major problems with what Davis wrote. Let’s dive into the text, shall we?

Two new police shooting controversies would seem to lend fresh validity to the laments about racial disparity in law enforcement and the complaints of an America unwilling to confront it.

There is no basis for either.

There is no basis for either what? No basis for the two police shootings? Or no basis for the laments? I mean, I’m confused right out of the gate.

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Philanthropy & Nonprofits

Why I’m Not Shaving My Legs for The Charity Event of the Year

| 2 days ago


Tim Rogers loves North Texas Giving Day for the addictive real-time giving ticker, leaderboards, and the thrill of crushing another fundraising record. Me, I like it because, I don’t have to scramble to find a dress I haven’t ‘grammed before, strong-arm my husband into a suit, or find a sitter. And, yeah, my fuzzy legs are staying this way.

That’s because North Texas Giving Day isn’t a stuffy evening soiree, it’s an all-day event and most of the action takes place online. I can donate to any one (or more) of the 2,500 participating nonprofits at my computer or on my phone via, and my donation will be amplified by bonus funds. It’s quick and dirty philanthropy.

Of course, there are some parties involved; smaller, casual events happening all over the city, such as a dog-friendly happy hour at the Katy Trail Ice House this evening. There’s also entertainment throughout the day at donation stations in NorthPark Center, the Denton Square, downtown McKinney, Sundance Square, and Levitt Pavilion in Arlington.

I’m planning to head over to the Arlington festivities tonight to see Luke Wade perform. For those who don’t know him: He killed it on season 7 of The Voice, serenaded me with a song about muumuus the other day, and he happens to be a vocal magician able to turn Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl” into a sexy number without resorting to Ray Lamontagne-style whisper singing. 

I’m taking my kid and wearing jeans.

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