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Here Are the DART Board Members That Need to Go

| 2 hours ago

Julie Fancher has a good report in the DMN on last night’s disappointing turn of events at DART headquarters. The board voted 12-3 to fund the northern Cotton Belt Line and the subway version of the second downtown Dallas line. This despite the very real possibility that the debt burden generated by building the Cotton Belt could hurt DART’s application for federal funds necessary to build the subway. More important for our discussion here, though, the vote went down the way it did despite the Dallas City Council unanimously telling its DART board members to prioritize the downtown subway.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around this. Our Council appoints eight members to the DART board (we share one board appointment with Cockrell Hill). Our Council tells those eight people: “Dallas doesn’t want the Cotton Belt to screw the subway. Don’t vote for anything that jeopardizes the subway.” Then five of the eight Dallas-appointed DART board members go ahead and do exactly that. So let’s break it down.

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Which November Cover Should We Have Picked for ‘Dr. Death’ Story?

| 3 hours ago


There’s nothing we fret over more each month, as a staff, than the cover of the magazine. It’s the thing that Wick gets the most involved with, sometimes killing designs at the very latest stage of the production cycle. To gather something resembling objective data, we have printed multiple preliminary cover designs and accosted downtown passersby to ask which version they found most appealing. I could tell you it’s an inexact science, but, really, it’s less than inexact, and it’s way more liberal arts than science.

I’m curious to hear what you think of these two iterations of our November cover, a story about Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a Plano spine surgeon whose patients too often wound up dead or disfigured. It’s possible you don’t know which one we chose, so I won’t bias you by saying which we picked. Cast your vote. Which cover would more likely have enticed you to buy a copy while waiting in line at the grocery store?

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Politics & Government

Why Dallas Needs an Outsider as Its Next City Manager

| 4 hours ago

In the March issue of D Magazine, I wrote about why A.C. Gonzalez, the city manager of Dallas, needed to go. The piece eloquently noted that Gonzalez needed to be fired because he never should have been hired in the first place and because he didn’t follow through on his promise to create a new culture at City Hall.

Gonzalez was not fired. But two months after my powerful, earth-shaking column, he resigned, effective in January. That’s sort of like being fired, right? Bottom line is that the person who failed to change the culture—a bureaucracy that protects its pensions and caters to the establishment—is leaving. Citizens should rejoice that he has one foot out the door, yes? There are three answers to this question:

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Leading Off (10/26/16)

| 5 hours ago

DART Board Votes to Build Both D2 Subway and Cotton Belt Line. On the bright side, DART is officially digging the D2 subway concept. But on the grim side, DART voting for the Cotton Belt in addition to D2 means the latter is unlikely to happen any time soon if funding doesn’t come through in full.

New Oasis Opens in Southern Dallas Food Desert. Residents of southern Dallas talk about driving 20 miles to Lancaster to stock up on fresh foods or buying whatever groceries are available at their nearby dollar store. After Save-A-Lot’s opening tomorrow, more than 30,000 locals will have fresh fruits and veggies in their neighborhood for the first time in almost a decade.

North Texas Voters Claim Ballots Switching From Trump to Clinton. Is it a glitch, user error, or deus ex machina? Good Lord, just let this election end.

Fort Worth Teacher Arrested for Murder. WFAA-8’s headline here is just one horrifying quote, the words Cary Heath said to his wife after shooting their neighbors: “This is the last time I will see the baby. I killed two people.”

No Fatalities in Woodall Rogers Big Rig Fire. This is mostly of interest to those of us who could see the flames yesterday from our perches in downtown skyscrapers. I’m glad to hear injuries were not life-threatening. Tim Rogers, you can put away your dadnoculars. (Just coined that word and dropped it in my stacked “To Copywright” folder.)

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Health & Fitness

Wear a Halloween Costume, Rock Climb for Free

| 23 hours ago
Photo by Christiana Nielson.
Photo by Christiana Nielson.

I went rock climbing for the first time yesterday. I’d gone on those little walls at camp as a kid, but I hadn’t attempted a 30-plus-foot wall with inclines and varying difficulties of holds before. I hesitantly walked into the brightly colored Summit Climbing, Yoga & Fitness in Grapevine to meet my friend who invited me to give climbing a try. I slipped on special shoes, tightened my harness, and walked over to one of the many looming walls. “Here goes nothing,” I thought.

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Politics & Government

Poll: Who’s Right in West Dallas Rental Housing Fight?

| 1 day ago

Perhaps you’ve been reading about the city of Dallas’ dispute with HMK, the company run by the Khraish family that owns a few hundred rental homes in fast-gentrifying West Dallas.

Mayor Mike Rawlings and Morning News columnist Robert Wilonsky assure us that there’s no conspiracy against the Khraishes: that this is just about getting lousy houses up to code. But then the Observer’s Jim Schutze published an audio recording in which Rawlings seemed far less interested in getting code violations fixed than in getting the Khraises to sell.

What do you think is going on?

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