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Leading Off (8/31/16)

| 33 mins ago

Loose Dog Crisis Plan Gets Support from City Council. At yesterday’s meeting, the Boston Consulting Group laid out its plan to get loose dogs off the streets primarily in southern Dallas. The council was unanimous in its support, but City Manager A.C. Gonzalez might need a little more convincing. One of the consulting group’s ideas was to make Dallas Animal Services its own department, which they say would increase visibility and hold its head accountable. Gonzalez was the only one who didn’t see the benefit of that happening, but he said he will have a plan figured out within 30 days. The BCG also recommended spending an extra $1 million on animal services.

Cowboys Score New Tenant for The Star Headquarters. The $1.5 billion headquarters in Frisco is getting a new business tenant: FM Global, one of the biggest commercial and industrial property insurers in the world. The company is moving from West Plano and will have offices on the top two floors, their space measuring more than 79,000 square feet. They’ll probably have a pretty good view of the practice field. There’s also a second office building in the works at The Star because of all the business interest.

DISD Enrollment Drops Again. DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa had been expecting an increase of 700 students this year, but enrollment may be down about 2,000 students from last year instead. So far in the school year, daily enrollment totals are 700 to 2,000 fewer than last year. This will cost the district a lot of money, millions, in state funding. Hinojosa said that DISD will have to shuffle its staff accordingly, but that there will not be layoffs. This is the second year in a row that the district didn’t meet its enrollment projections.

Rougned Odor Homer Gives Rangers the Win. The Rangers had an 8-7 walkoff win against Seattle yesterday thanks to Rougned Odor. Earlier in the game, Odor had tried to go for a double when it should have stayed a single, and he got out. After Adrian Beltre talked some sense into him, Odor made up for it in the ninth inning. He hit a two-run homer to give the Rangers the win.

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Health & wellness

Allyn Media Has a New Side Gig

| 17 hours ago


Allyn Media is a well-known PR and public affairs shop. They’ve run a bunch of political campaigns in Dallas over the years. The last one I can remember was Susan Hawk’s. Well, just a couple doors down the street from their Oak Lawn offices, the two top dogs at Allyn Media — Mari Woodlief and Jennifer Pascal — have started a side business called Mastermind. What’s that, you ask? From the site:

Mastermind is the region’s most accessible gym for your brain — a mindfulness based meditation studio offering a regular schedule of classes seven days a week. All classes are led by a Mastermind-trained professional and range from 30-45 minutes. Located in the beautiful Turtle Creek area, our tranquil studio provides mindfulness classes based on the most recent research in brain health in a jargon-free environment. Come in and elevate your mind!

I have soo many questions! The first few: where are the other mind gyms? What makes them harder to access? Like, do they have moats and stuff? Do you have to fight your way in, like at a Pokémon GO gym?

I’m sorry. I’m being a pill. A little mindfulness would probably do me some good.

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Arts & Entertainment

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 30

| 20 hours ago

Tonight at the Texas Theatre, a screening of Fitzcarraldoa classic movie about the folly of man’s hubris and a rubber baron’s dangerous obsession with moving a steamship over a mountain. We’re also partial to Burden of Dreams, a classic documentary about the folly of man’s hubris and a filmmaker’s dangerous obsession with moving a steamship over a mountain.

Director Werner Herzog himself will be in Oak Cliff to introduce the film, and two tickets will be raffled off for Herzog’s talk Wednesday night at the Winspear.

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Leading Off (8/30/15)

| 1 day ago

DPD Likely to Hire Additional Cops More Slowly. Chief David Brown initially wanted to hire 549 new cops next fiscal year. But that would cost $20.3 million. So it looks like the city manager will get him to more gradually add to his ranks.

Frisco Freaks Over School Tax Defeat. After voters last weekend shot down a 13-cent property tax hike to support Frisco ISD, the district will need to cut about $30 million from its budget. Measures under consideration: increasing class sizes, reducing staff, freezing salaries, and making students pay a $300 fee for extracurricular activities. I don’t get it. Why move to burbs for great schools and then not pay what it takes to keep them that way?

Mountain Lion on Brookhaven College. The school is warning students about a bloodthirsty, man-eating beast spotted on campus. It was last seen Saturday afternoon, but new tracks were found yesterday. (I might have embellished a bit.)

Bo Dallas Arrested at DFW Airport. Dallas, I gather, is a WWE wrestler. Over the weekend he was kicked off a flight for yelling at the crew and then subsequently arrested in the terminal for being stinking drunk

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Politics & Government

The Two Most Interesting Things to Come Out of Today’s Fair Park Council Briefing

| 2 days ago

After three-plus hours of questioning and pontificating from the horseshoe, the city council wrapped up its briefing on the proposal to turn the keys to Fair Park over to a new private non-profit foundation. Two big things stuck out.

The first was a question raised by council member Philip Kingston regarding the state law that allows for municipalities to enter into agreements like the one former Hunt Oil executive Walter Humann has brought to the table. The law provides an exception to the usual required bidding process if the proposed contract is for “management services provided by a nonprofit organization to a municipal museum, park, zoo, or other facility to which the organization has provided significant financial or other benefits.” Kingston pointed out that, unlike Klyde Warren Park, Humann’s non-profit was not approaching the city with pre-raised funds for the park. And so, what were the “other benefits” that the foundation was offering the city? 

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Victim’s Son Forgives Cullen Davis For Father’s Murder

| 2 days ago
The portrait of Priscilla and Cullen Davis that hung in the couple's Fort Worth living room.
The portrait of Priscilla and Cullen Davis that hung in the couple’s Fort Worth living room.

Forty years ago, two people were killed at the Fort Worth mansion of estranged couple Cullen Davis. Two others were wounded, including Cullen’s estranged wife, Priscilla. The survivors identified Cullen as the killer, but he was later acquitted of the crimes.

The story was recounted in two of the 40 greatest stories ever to appear in the pages of D Magazine. On Friday, the Star-Telegram published an unusual update to the ongoing saga.

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Nature & Environment

Law Man Walking: Nature Treks With Bill Holston

| 2 days ago
Photo of the author by Ben Sandifer
Photo of the author by Ben Sandifer

In beauty I will rest my heart
I beauty all will be in balance
I beauty all will be restored

I read this Navajo prayer this week while reading the Chester Nez book Code Talker, written by the last of the Code Talkers. The Code Talkers were Navajo Marines who confounded Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific during WWII because of a code developed based on the obscure Navajo language. The author recited this prayer as he dealt with the soul crushing rigors of combat on Guadalcanal. I certainly do not equate my life to the rigors of combat. However, my soul regularly needs restoring, and nothing does that better than a walk in the woods.

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Health & Medicine

Nominate Your Favorite Nurse for the Excellence in Nursing Awards

| 2 days ago

A quick story. This comes from our 2015 Excellence in Nursing Awards.

When Jackie Cox found out she had Stage 3 colon cancer in January 2011, she made a choice. “I decided that cancer is one word, and it didn’t define me,” says Cox, director of emergency services at Lake Pointe Medical Center [Ed: now she’s director of clinical services for EMCARE]. After her diagnosis and throughout her 10 months of treatment, Cox — a single mother of two boys — missed just one day of work, and that was for surgery to remove the tumor.

She has long known the importance of simply being there. By the time she was 17, Cox had become the caretaker for her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, and her father, who was battling cancer. “So I’ve always included caregivers in the patient’s care,” she says, “and treated them with the same respect I was treating the patient.” 

Cox extends the same courtesy to her staff, which has grown from 35 to 115 since she took over the director role six years ago. In that time, she has helped Lake Pointe gain notable clinical certifications and overseen expansion projects that include an urgent-care center and two freestanding, fully functioning emergency departments.

If you know a nurse like Jackie Cox, someone who goes above and beyond, it’s time to nominate him or her for next year’s Excellence in Nursing Awards. The deadline is October 7, and we’ll announce the winners in the March issue of D Magazine. Here is the nomination form. 

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