Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, skip the bars and nightclubs and check out these hot spots. We swear they’re the best places to meet singles in Dallas.


Oh, sure. They say they go for the "kids." But these singles in heat are doing more sniffing than their pooches. While Peanut and Daisy frolic along the romantic shores of White Rock Lake, their owners chat about kibble, kennels, and leather leashes. Sounds kinky to us. 8000 Mockingbird Ln. 214-670-8895.

Age: "Not telling you."
Sign: Pisces
Turn-ons: Sexy, full lips; straight, white teeth; and funny guys
Turn-offs: Bad feet, bad breath, and men who are condescending
If you were a pooch, how would you want to be pampered? "Paint my toenails and carry me everywhere."

Age: 26
Sign: Gemini
Turn-ons: Athletic women, pretty feet, and a good sense of humor
Turn-offs: Bad hygiene, insecure women, and "duh" dingbats
If you were a pooch, how would you want to be pampered? "Just scratch my tummy."


Talk about your Prime meat market. Trust us: the produce isn’t the only thing getting squeezed and thumped around here. A gourmand’s haven, Central Market’s maze-like interior makes for lots of circling buggies and premium shopping. The groceries are choice, too. Who says a Gouda man isn’t hard to find? (Sorry. Too easy.) 5750 E. Lovers Ln. 214-234-7000; 320 Coit Rd., Plano. 469-241-8300; 4651 West Fwy., Fort Worth. 817-989-4700.

Age: 27
Sign: Aquarius
Turn-ons: Athletic women; intelligence; and long, shapely legs
Turn-offs: Arrogance, cursing, and facial hair
How do you pick a good melon? "Make sure it’s firm, with no weird soft spots."

Age: 28
Sign: On the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius
Turn-ons: Funny guys, intelligence, and "big ol’ guns" (the girl loves her biceps)
Turn-offs: Jealousy, bad feet, and hairy backs
Do you prefer a fast boil or a slow simmer? "A slow simmer. I don’t like to rush my cooking."


Yes, a gym is an obvious choice, with all the prime pecs and taut torsos. So what makes Larry North stand out from the rest? Location, location, location. The oh-so-tony Highland Park Village keeps the riffraff away, ensuring lots of trust-fund babies and the guys and gals who love them. Besides, where else can you grunt, sweat, and pick out matching Hermès accessories afterward? Money makes for a great aphrodisiac. 47 Highland Park Village, Ste. 210. 214-526-6784.

Age: 32
Sign: Pisces
Turn-ons: Smoldering eyes, muscular arms, and inappropriate body hair
Turn-offs: Negativity; gold chains; and flashy, cheesy cars
What’s your favorite body part? "Big arms, because they can pick me up and toss me around. Does that sound bad?"

Age: 33
Sign: Aquarius
Turn-ons: Sense of humor, nice smile, and women who are "non-psychotic" (Yes, there is a story.)
Turn-offs: Jealousy, being conceited, and women who dress like "trashy hoochie mamas"
How often do you get pumped up? "Three times a week."

Age: 34
Sign: Scorpio with a Pisces moon ("That makes me an evil, sexy goddess.")
Turn-ons: Long and lean guys, a quick wit, and creative guys with a paycheck
Turn-offs: Lots of tattoos and body piercings, bad teeth ("No one from London"), and cynics
Do you prefer a morning brew or a late-night jolt? "A morning brew. It’s such a nice way to wake up."

Age: 33
Sign: "Homeless. Will work for food."
Turn-ons: Sarcasm, low-ride jeans, and skinny ankles
Turn-offs: Astrology, capri pants, and bad teeth
If I were a coffee drink, I’d be a: "Grande decaf iced soy double no-whip caramel macchiatto with cinnamon. Why? See my turn-ons for explanation."


Are you a skinny mocha or a frap with extra froth? No matter. This swinging-singles Starbucks has plenty of choices to rev you up. And we’re not talking about the coffee. The cuties might be hiding behind laptops and newspapers, but their heads bob up and eyes check you out when you enter the door. Cruisy singles and hot lattés? It’s yuppie heaven.
3699 McKinney Ave., Ste. 300. 214-219-1735.