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Joseph Kuhn,M.D.

Best Doctors: Bariatric Surgery 2009,2010,2011,2012

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What is a gastric sleeve?

This is a newer weight-loss procedure that actually makes the stomach smaller. Essentially, the sleeve transforms the stomach from a big holding sac into a slender tube. Patients report feeling full after just a small amount of food. Also, the portion of the stomach that produces key hunger hormone is removed.

Who is a candidate for a gastric sleeve?

Those who are 70 or more pounds overweight are typically good candidates for a gastric sleeve. In addition to relieving diabetes, the gastric sleeve also resolves high blood pressure, cholesterol, joint problems, sleep apnea, fertility problems, and more.

“Those who are 70 or more pounds overweight are typically good candidates for a gastric sleeve.”

Why are you considered an expert in gastric sleeve?

I have performed between 4,000 and 5,000 bariatric procedures, including the sleeve. I have helped train dozens of surgeons in various bariatric surgery techniques. I am active in multiple sleeve research projects that focus on making the sleeve even safer and more effective. I am also the past president of the field's state organization and have been a top doctor in Dallas and Texas for eight years and a top doctor in America for six years. We provide unique follow up with weekly Facebook chats, monthly newsletters, and monthly group meetings.

Why is the sleeve a better option than other bariatric procedures?

The sleeve is a rather simple procedure. The surgery takes about 45 minutes, and most patients go home the day after surgery. The sleeve avoid the dumping, ulcers, obstruction, and foreign body issues that are common with other procedures. Typically, you can expect to lose about 70 percent of your excess weight at about six months.

Dr. Joseph Kuhn is a surgical director of bariatric surgery at Medical City Dallas and assistant director of surgical education at Baylor University Medical Center. He is also a clinical professor at Texas A&M Medical School.