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Dallas History

Greatest Dallasites: Stevie Ray Vaughan (No. 7)

| 5 years ago The Oak Cliff native made an outsized mark on music.


Greatest Dallasites: J. Erik Jonsson (No. 76)

| 6 years ago Co-founder of Texas Instruments.

Regional Mexican

Greatest Dallasites: Adelaida “Mama” Cuellar (No. 78)

| 6 years ago The woman behind El Chico.

Dallas History

Greatest Dallasites: Blackie Sherrod (No. 62)

| 6 years ago The best sportswriter the city ever knew.

Politics & Government

Greatest Dallasites: Annette Strauss (No. 58)

| 6 years ago How the first woman elected mayor of Dallas helped shape the future of the city.

Dallas History

Greatest Dallasites: H.L. Hunt (No. 37)

| 6 years ago The oddball oilman was a source of generational wealth.

Real Estate

Greatest Dallasites: Trammell Crow (No. 36)

| 6 years ago This tireless builder helped shape our city.

Dallas History

Greatest Dallasites: Tom Landry (No. 1)

| 6 years ago The legendary Dallas Cowboys coach made America's Team America's Team.