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S. Holland Murphy

S. Holland Murphy

Contributing Editor

Stories by S. Holland Murphy

Brooklyn and Bailey

The McKnight Twins Take YouTube Influencing to the Next Level

The secret to Brooklyn and Bailey’s YouTube success? Everything—from braces removal to your wedding night—is content.
Round Top City Limit
Home & Garden

A Brief History of the Round Top Antiques Show

The evolution of the not-so-little antiques show in a very little Central Texas town.
By , and Kendall Morgan

A Leashed Cat Is Not Even the Strangest Thing I Found at Half Price Books

As the landmark store turns 50, a reflection on the wild and wonderful stories contained in each location’s walls.
Half Price Bookstore

The Store for All Sorts: Half Price Books Turns 50

Half Price Books is celebrating a half-century. The business may have been built on quirky characters and unwanted remainders. But don’t discount them.
Poolside View at The Commodore

Where to Vacation in Texas Now

Sometimes the best vacations aren’t about exotic destinations. They are about transporting yourself to a fictional reality a short drive away.

Stories by S. Holland Murphy


Three North Texas Companies That Will Make You Want to Play Outside

Let’s get back to basics. Go analog. Sign off from the screens and let loose. Act like kids and make new memories. Here's how to make the most of summer in your own backyard, with help from some Dallas-area companies.

The Ultimate List of Dallas Summer Must-Haves

We present our list of warm-weather essentials, from coolers to pools, guaranteed to up your entertaining game when the thermometer tips into the triple digits.
The McCloskey family
Good Reads

The Marvelous McCloskeys

He’s a former CIA analyst turned novelist. She’s a political advisor who has worked on a billionaire’s presidential bid. Are they the most interesting couple in Lakewood? They aren’t at liberty to say.
Home Health

How to Prepare for Any Type of Disaster in Dallas

Don’t be caught unprepared when the unthinkable happens. Learn from experts and those who’ve survived tornadoes, fire, freeze, floods, and theft—so you can be ready if disaster strikes.
Holland goes camping

Camping Is No Fun and I Can’t Wait to Do It Again

It isn’t always easy to trade the cozy confines of East Dallas for a state park or some other piece of wilderness. But the challenge, really, makes it all worth it.