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Subscriber Spotlight

Subscriber Spotlight: Doug Klembara

The photographer and creative director talks about his favorite areas of our city.
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Area of Residence

Elmwood in Oak Cliff. My wife and I have been thrilled to call Oak Cliff our home for a few years now and we when started to make the move to purchase, Elmwood was at the top of our of the neighborhoods in Oak Cliff for us. We love the brick homes, hills and creek closely and the community there.

How long have you been in Dallas?

Most of my life, I was born in East Dallas, went to school at Texas A&M then came back and landed in Oak Cliff.

What’s your favorite Dallas restaurant?

Lucias! I love going to this small, Oak Cliff restaurant because it’s one of both the experience offered as well as the amazing food. They do an amazing job sourcing fresh and seasonal ingredients and the quality of everything they serve is off the charts.

Are you involved with any local charities? If so, which ones? How are you involved?

Not really, but I did just start serving on the Elmwood Neighborhood Association. It’s been fun as the only millennial to get to know people from so many different backgrounds all working to make our neighborhood better. I would love to help bring some new businesses and life into the downtown Elmwood district.

Sweet or Unsweet?

Sweet, all day every day. Its a running joke around my friends and family how much I love chocolate 🙂

What’s your favorite Dallas Landmark?

The Margaret Hunt bridge. I love the simplicity and lines of the Calatrava design. I am a huge fan of Calatrava and the purity and modernity of his work is so captivating to me. I also love how the bridge is being used as a center for community events now, and has acted, in some ways, as a connection point between the southern and northern parts of Dallas.

What’s one thing you would change about the city?

I would love to live in a community where the majority of people are thankful for Dallas. Dallas is an amazing city right now – there is so much here that is beautiful, we have an amazing economy with a lot of great opportunity for people, and a lot of possibility for growth. I believe if we as a community can be thankful and inspire each other to love one another, even greater things will happen. I think Dallas is at the beginning of something very special – it’s a city where a millennial can actually make a difference, gain respect and help get things done.

Why do you subscribe to D Magazine?

As a photographer, I am naturally drawn to the photos. I believe D does a really good job of creating beautiful photography. I enjoy the portraiture a lot and I have always felt like the magazine stands above the rest in Dallas and even in other major cities. Its kind of like we have our own Texas Monthly here in the city. Besides that I enjoy the features it provides, great stuff!

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