Nastia Has the DMN Twitterpated

As at least one other local observer has noted, the DMN‘s Twitter coverage of Liukin’s landing last night was, um, curious. I don’t get it. Was an intern dispatched to do the Twittering? Surely Ian Hamilton wasn’t doing the Twittering while he was out at the airport to report for his print story. If I sent a reporter out to cover something like that, I’d want him paying attention to what was going on, not fiddling with his cellphone. And, no matter how the feed was generated, it seems like more effort than it’s worth, given that only 181 people are following the feed. Finally, there’s this consideration: is Twittering on-brand for the local paper of record? It doesn’t feel to me like it is.

Update: There are now 184 people following their Twitter feed. Happy to help, guys.


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11 responses to “Nastia Has the DMN Twitterpated”

  1. whatthetwitter says:

    only 181 are “following” (and they must be true nerds), but anyone can read it online (as you did), so the audience could be larger. but is it right for the brand? probably not, if you are going to “report” like a teenage girl. OMG!

  2. whatever says:

    Seemed fine to me, what else was there to say? That’s what twitter is. Mindless, pointless bursts of non-news.

  3. Jim says:

    Got to start the youngsters reading SOME content…if they won’t come to the paper, take it to them with the Internet.

    Tim, I guess you’re too old to start Twittering…I know I am.

  4. mediawonk says:

    I have no problem with them using Twitter (gotta get your brand/content out there however you can), but I agree the presentation was odd.

    A lot of other news organizations (the BBC as an international example and KERA as a local example) are using Twitter to distribute their news content. Since it lets everyone know every time they post a new story or a new blog post, it keeps them visible – but isn’t as weirdly casual as the Nastia coverage was yesterday.

  5. Spamboy says:

    Guess DMN Twitter dude didn’t take the buyout, either.

  6. @mediawonk, I concur. I’m getting great updates from the Statesman on Twitter. Hey, if I need to know about Austin traffic and fire reports, I’m set. Would be great to see this from TDMN or WFAA or KDFW or KXAS. Heck, anyone here local. I just got a TDMN Tweet saying “It’s too surprising that the Ringling Brothers’ animal trainer is pretty intense, yet gentle.” Huh? News guys, news!! Or is this just going to be an entertainment-centric medium for you? JohnMcCainPR says Obama’s VP is going to be James Garner, who is old and was Maverick. Now that’s funny, but news from a news organization should be news, shouldn’t it?!

  7. Grant says:

    Twitter has a definite place in the news cycle. Three key examples as of late of are a tornado in Chicago, and the earthquakes in SoCal and China.

    The service is in its infancy but already it has shown how powerful it can be.

    For instance, the Chicago tornado. Searching on twitter for the words ‘tornado’ in the Chicago-area revealed some pretty cool instant accounts of the storm as it rolled through downtown, some even drilled down to exact addresses.

    That would have been extremely useful for the 40,000 or so folks attending a Cubs game at Wrigley field who didn’t have access to the Weather Channel.

    On the ground reporting instantly with photos (Don’t be surprised if they add Twitvideo soon) and first hand immediate accounts make for some solid news gathering tools. There isn’t a filter but in the event of breaking news it provides very quick way of getting out the hits of information.

    Whereas a newspaper might usually have a delay in gathering the news and piecing together a story or a TV station has to go through the process of setting up a feed and breaking into a newscast, Twitter allows someone to pass along quick hits as it happens.

    When you throw in the functionality of IPhone location-aware reporting you’ve got an amazing resource for distributing news.

    Also, the readers have the option to read the blow-by-blow or just pass on that stream of tweets for the evening.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s back to mom’s basement to play WarCraft.

  8. Seriously, I’d be interested in hosting the first Twitter-off of the Nastia Liukin parade in Parker for next Saturday, Aug. 30. With several people Twittering the event all at once, wouldn’t that make for Twittelating conversation? Anyone know Nastia close enough to get her in on the Twittering, too? How about Carly Patterson? Anyone from ASI locally who could help us here? There is a place for Twitter here, and maybe this is a way to make it improved. Any one in? @daddyclaxton on Twitter.

    I’ll post updates over at

  9. Bethany says:

    I’d be in, but I’ll be in Kansas. But that sounds pretty Twitteriffic.

  10. Dave Thomas says:

    Help. I’d never heard of Twitter until Tim’s post. I looked at the site.. and still don’t get it. I’m so yesterday.

  11. Spamboy says:

    @Dave If you need a Twitter friend, gimme a shout out at 🙂