This is Why My Wife Was Maced This Morning

Today, when people aren’t wondering when I’m moving to Frisco, they’re asking how my wife managed to get maced in a parking lot this morning.

After the jump, she tells the story.

Today, as i do a few times a week, I took Isaac [who is 3 years old] for donuts at the donut shop down the street. I parked in a spot next to a guy that took up 2 spots forcing me to also take 2 spots. There was an empty space on the other side of me that was very small and another car parked next to that one. When we came out of the shop there was a white smaller suv parked next to my passenger door. I have a Honda Element that does, unfortunately, take a lot of room to open the back door to buckle in Isaac since the front door opens normal but the back door opens backwards. there was maybe 12-14″ to get the 2 doors open to squeeze in Isaac and get him buckled. There was a mom sittin in her car while her 12 (?) year old girl was inside. When I opened the door I hit, very lightly, her mirror. She rolled down her window and said, “You did NOT just hit my car! Aren’t you going to say excuse me?” So I said, “excuse me.” I didn’t say anything after that, just continued getting Isaac in the car. Once again, my door hit her mirror again lightly, she said something to me again. I said, “Of all the empty spots in the lot, you had to squeeze between two cars?” She said, “You hit my car again and i’ll mace you.” Not really thinking about such a ludicrous action. So, as I was closing the doors after buckling Isaac into his car seat, I once again knocked her mirror and after the doors were closed I turned to walk around to the other side of the car to leave and she… yes…. MACED ME!!!

There was never a physical threat, I hardly talked to her, I stayed unconfrontational b/c of isaac and her daughter.

I ran into the store to get water and started screaming for the police and that she maced me. I thought she had drove off but I turned around and there she was. So I threw the water bottle at her and started screaming, “You b—- you maced me!” I kept asking why. Her daughter ran in crying and she told her that I was a crazy lady. SHE HAD JUST MACED ME FOR NO F—— REASON!!!

Unfortunately, no one knows who she is, got her tag number or car model/make. Judging by the uniform her daughter was wearing I think she went to [an area school]. I plan on finding out who she was and pressing charges. I know it was a newer model white suv, maybe a Volvo or Saturn. She was a black woman about my size and age, and I might not recognize her, but I felt so bad for her daughter b/c she was so upset that I will definitely recognize her. I also plan on driving by the donut place every morning to see if she is there. I was completely assaulted for no reason.

BTW: mace. Not fun. It burned for a good hour and even now it still feels uncomfortable. Plus, I was crying and I guess the tears made it worse. Plus it really burned the inside of my nose and all the skin around my lips and the inside of my lips. Plus, I think she really go it into my right eye b/c even now if I tear up it starts to burn again.

I can’t believe at 7:30am this morning I was maced. What is going on?

I can back up the mace talk. I got a little on me when she came home. Burned one of my eyes, too.


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42 responses to “This is Why My Wife Was Maced This Morning”

  1. treyg says:

    Come by my desk, Zac. I’ve got batons, a Taser, some pepper spray, a few sprays I brought in from Mexico — I’ll hook you up.

  2. Rob says:

    guess she was keeping it real…you did say frisco?

  3. Nathan says:

    Maybe Fantroy was right……………

  4. Long Memory says:

    You just need to find her, get her license-plate number, put it on the Website so all the Front Burnervians know who she is, and let justice take its course.

    Of course, that would be wrong.

    But someone one might pre-emptively mace HER next time she comes within, say, 50 feet of her.

  5. Peterk says:

    “She was a black woman about my size and age,”

    I’ve had a similar experience except this involved standing in a 20 item or less checkout line at a store and a black woman in front of me with a full grocery cart. I lost count at 35 items. I asked “are you aware that this line is for 20 items or less?” the response was ” are you the manager if not STF” the individual also got very racial implying all sorts of stuff.
    absolutely amazing. I’m glad I didn’t get maced

  6. Sean says:

    Un-freaking-believable. Was it that little donut shop over by Barbecs?

    Possible schools would be, of course, St. Bernard of Clairvaux or Bishop Lynch. That’s what I’m thinking, right off the top of my “haven’t-lived-in-Dallas-for-two-years” head.

  7. dadavark says:

    Talk about your mean streets! It wouldn’t matter how many times she bumped the car or even if it were intentional, it would not give the other woman the right to assault your wife. She could not really claim self defense. I’d be concerned that the woman followed your wife into the shop rather than just leaving at that point. I’d warn your wife against returning to the scene. The woman might be packing more than mace next time. Is it really it?

  8. Bubba says:

    Public school kids wear uniforms now too. Well, not in Frisco

  9. Zac Crain says:

    Now people are really going to think I moved to Frisco. Awesome. Keep the IRS guessing.

  10. Anne says:

    What an incredible story! I live in Lake Highlands and have never heard anything like this. There is a kinda rough neighborhood on the east side of Garland Road. Remember when the clerk was killed at the Blockbuster on Garland and Buckner? I’d try to find out who she is by checking the carpool lane at the school. But I think I’d be driving another car so she wouldn’t recognize me. Those Honda Elements stand out.

  11. Matt says:

    Please get this lady’s license plate number and turn her in. People cannot be allowed to behave like this. Unfortunately, there are people like this everywhere, so fleeing to the burbs will not reduce the number of a-holes you have to deal with. Just be careful, because there are plenty of maniacs out there.

  12. A different Nathan says:

    That woman should have understood that it takes a certain amount of room to get a child buckled into a car seat. She’s a mother, so she should recall what it is like. Now on the other hand, would it have been possible at all to buckle in your son from the other side of the Element? Maybe after the first time, she could have avoided the mess and moved to the other side. After all, I know not to mess with black women, especially those who are quick to anger.

    Now, my legal spin on this (not an attorney, nor do I have a law degree): as Barry says above, the use of mace was completely, absolutely inappropriate. I would imagine Dallas PD might consider this something close to assault and battery, or at least assault. If someone ever is able to track down the ABW’s (angry black woman) license plate number, I say your wife should find out who she is and file charges. Not only did she mace your wife, but she potentially endangered your son: ambient mace could have hurt him and caused damage, her trying to drive with all the pain and tears could have caused an accident, or the sight of her being maced in front of him could scar him emotionally for a while.

    My main questions are: are your wife and son okay now? How could anyone inside the donut shop not see what happened and try to get the license plate number (hello, cops and donuts!)? And what kind of idiot would mace somebody over a very minor car issue?

  13. Matt says:

    This is not about demographics. This is about somebody being inappropriately attacked with mace, which is illegal.

  14. Gwyon says:

    Illegal, yet oddly amusing. Like that scene in “30 Rock” when Isabella Rosellini starts beating the crap out of Tina Fey.

  15. lakewoodrow says:

    Frisco crime is up 25% – crime in Dallas is down..Frisco home prices down, Dallas home prices up — especially East Dallas. Also what do you want, mace or monotony?

  16. Parking Cop says:

    While Mace is the point of the story, would it have really been that bad for either party to find a different parking place? Rather than taking two spots (just because someone else did)or fore a car into a spot too small?

    And, would it be totally out of the question for one person to ask the other to move? Or volunteer to move?

  17. Zac Crain says:

    @Parking Cop: Good point.

    @lakewoodrow (and lots of other people): I’m NOT moving to Frisco. That was a joke. Repeat: Not. Moving.

  18. Since you’re looking at houses in Frisco, we’ve got a sweet real estate search on D’s site. IJS.

  19. Zac Crain says:

    Stephen Edmondson, employee of the month.

  20. John says:

    This morning I pulled my SUV in to a narrow parking spot adjacent to two SUV’s. While I parked between the lines, I did graze the mirror of the SUV on my driver side. The driver of said SUV watched me do this and, when I exited my car, he told me that he had attempted to flag me down to let me know that he was leaving and would have gladly pulled out to create more space. I apologized for grazing his mirror (causing no damage) and we each went our own way. It was an amicable exchange. At no point did I feel threatened.
    Why am I posting this? Because this happens all the time and it’s incredibly obtuse of this woman to react in the manner in which she did.
    And I will say it….the angry black woman seeks out opportunities to make herself heard!

  21. Bubba says:

    Anne you’re smoking crack if you think Casa Linda or Forest Hills is more dangerous than Lake “OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO TEAR DOWN THE APRTMENTS” Highlands

  22. j says:

    Does the shop have security cameras? I doubt that it does, as doughnuts can’t bring in that much dough
    (…sorry…), but it might be worth cheking out.

  23. Julie Blacklidge says:

    I’m so glad I convinced my entire family to move from Los Angeles to Dallas in an effort to escape rude people, crime, and senseless violence (high cost of living, too, I admit it). “It’s just not like that in Texas,” I promised. “People here are nice.” Um, Dad, you might want to take your townhouse off the market and stay in the OC.

  24. Don says:

    An element? No wonder you didn’t get the mayoral office. J/K.

    By the way, did this episode cause you to restart your cancer stick addiction?

  25. lakewoodrow says:

    Oh I forgot to call it “Frisclosure”.

  26. Zac Crain says:

    @Don: Nope, still not smoking. But, good lord, I wanted to.

  27. Nikki Crain says:

    Awww… thanks for the support, guys. I am trying to find the woman and might have a lead. i spoke to the shop owner, who panicked as well and didn’t know what to do. The other customer I think was just confused. I was screaming pretty loud from the pain and even with just a few people in the shop it was awfully crazy. My eyes, btw, still tingle and skin around my right eye is blistered still. It’s all good though. Took a few Xanax. Feelin’ better. Oh, and I’d rather get maced again than move to Frisco. I mean really! I’m a city girl! xo

  28. Brian says:

    Um…Three times? You’re just a horribly inconsiderate person. You can’t control the actions of others, but you can control your own actions…the actions that put you in that situation.

  29. Anne says:

    I wasn’t referring to Casa Linda or Forest Hills. I don’t know what the area I was referring to is called. And fortunately, I’ve never heard gun fire in my neighborhood, although I believe it certainly is possible. And you can thank the former Dallas city councilman, Bill Blaydes, for the apartment teardowns. Not me.

  30. Anne says:

    Nikki: Hope you took pictures.

  31. steve says:

    You could have stopped bumping her car, especially when she threatened you. Instead you continued, got maced, and then abandoned your child who was buckled in the car while you went back into the building. You are taking your child for “a few times a week” to a donut shop? Does he get to eat unhealthy fat-laden empty-calorie foods at home the other days of the week?

  32. Carolyn says:

    It sounds to me like both women got pretty much what they expected and what they asked for.

    Next time don’t take up two parking spaces – walk off the donuts by parking a little further away.

  33. Richard says:

    Oh! This makes me so angry at what happened.

    If she was so angry at you, she should have called the police rather than taking matters into her own hands.

    Macing someone is assault. She also endangered your child. I hope you find this person and pursue appropriate legal action.

  34. jjc says:

    I think most of you are missing the point. The world has plenty of angry people looking for trouble. Both people here were looking for trouble – and found it. Both of you should be happy. But you have a kid in the car – so stupid move on your part. Especially for a “city girl”. Choices have consequences. Sometimes these consequences are illogical or suprising. I moved here from NYC – would you have tried that there? What do you think would have happened? Seriously, YOU would be safer (and your child too) in Frisco. Actually – I have a feeling that WE would be safer too if you moved to Frisco.

  35. jaf says:

    The mace was uncalled for. But why is it that people with kids think rules don’t apply to them? You’re allowed to bump her car, because you are strapping your kid in? Sorry. No. Granted, if I was her, I would have just yelled some choice 4-letter words at you, and then pulled out and re-parked.
    I’m tired of people who think that since they have a kid in tow, that the rest of the world should make allowances for them.