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Sporty or cool, these specs are for you
By Elaine Rogers |

To stay really cool during the sweltering summer, you need shades as well as shade-and probably several pairs. Looks range from high-tech solids to wild geometric designs.

SPORTY SPECS: Colours by Alexander Julian offers a modernized version of the popular aviator style with one lens that stretches across both oval eye frames. About $45. Also, Ray Ban’s new Ambermatic glasses apply the classic aviator styling to yellow lenses that darken in the sun.

Poolside coolness is yours with cheap-but-flashy specs from the likes of Roberts, Riviera, or Peepers. In vivid colors, these shades are impact-resistant and often polarized. Pat MaGee’s has them for just S5 to $10, while other shops tend to charge $15 to $25.

SUPERCOOL: Joining the host of imitators of Vuarnet’s classic “cats,” Ray Ban introduces its own Vuarnet lookalikes. At $45, they come with bright white or red plastic frames.

Carrcra’s Porsche design lenses, in fold-up and pop-out styles, are still popular with men who can justify the $100-plus pricetag, but other aviator-styled glasses are available, starting at $55. A colorful addition: white wire frames with purple lenses, $60.

Liz Claiborne boasts vibrant six-sided plastic frames for $35 and rounded ultra-carbon lenses in bright solids for $28. Anne Klein offers similar styles, starting at $25, while Private Eyes has a smooth look with black frames and accent colors on the brow. $20 to $28.

And. if you’re still having a problem getting noticed, try California Cruisers; tubes of an argon-like liquid wrap around lightweight frames. $10 at Hastings Records and Tapes.

Dominating the unisex selections is “The Mask.” Colors in Optics (top) has mastered the look with polarized pastel-colored lenses edged in black metal. $45 at Blooming-dale’s. Guess, the newest entrant (middle), has a mask offshoot that features dark gray lenses in vivid plastic frames. $30 at Bloomingdale’s. Alain Mikli’s trendy ’tat eyes” {bottom) are especially eyecatching. $115 at Neiman-Marcus.