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Meet the Maker: Wool & Weave

Discover Marie Matter's dreamy tapestries.

This is the latest in a regular series in which I seek out some of my favorite local makers and artists, and demand to know more about them. Politely and with good intentions, of course.

icm_fullxfull.77891532_2jzxxhh0rm4gogcwko4kMiddle school librarian by day and weaver of dreamy tapestries by night (or whenever she has a chance), Wool & Weave founder Marie Matter has carved out a nice space for herself in the woven world. Teaming with eye-catching colors and textures, each wall hanging is wonderfully unique. Though Marie just made the move to Houston for her husband’s job, the couple still plans on keeping their Oak Cliff home, and we still plan on claiming this talented maker as our own.



How did you first get into crafting and creating? 
I’ve loved creating for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, that involved a lot of drawing horses and writing silly stories. I got into fiber art in college after my mom taught me how to knit, and since then I’ve been drowning in yarn. I think fiber arts really speak to me because I’m a very tactile person.


Your wall hangings are so lovely. Can you tell us how they become your focus/expertise? Were there some trial and error projects before you landed on the fiber art wall hangings? 

Thank you! Since I loved knitting and working with yarn so much, I’d always wanted to try weaving. I taught myself in the summer of 2014 with online tutorials and YouTube videos, and was immediately hooked. Since I already had a pretty healthy supply of yarn, it was easy to get started. I opened my Etsy shop just a couple months later when the wall hangings started taking over our house! I’ve also gotten the chance to study with tapestry artist Liza Collins, and that experience has been invaluable in stepping up my game!


I’ve read that you’re a teacher by day. How do you balance out your teaching job with Wool & Weave? (And what do you teach?!) 
It can be hard because teaching is a very demanding job! But, I have summers off and some other long breaks built into the schedule. I try to really use those times to get ahead on big projects and try out new ideas. Also, weaving is a passion for me and I absolutely love doing it, so coming home from school to weave for a few hours is a treat, not a chore.

After seven years of working as a middle and high school English teacher, I am now a middle school librarian! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂


You create such unique, intricate, and often colorful weavings. What are the first steps you take when starting a new piece? 
For me, it always starts with color. I get a lot of inspiration from colors in nature, movies, and travel. I gather a color scheme together with different yarns and then just go for it. I very
rarely work with a specific design in mind, but rather let it come about organically from the way the textures and colors are working together.


Where can we find you IRL next? 
You can see some of my weavings right now at The Loveliest.

The event I can definitively say right now is the inaugural Flea Style Houston on May 7th! I’ve been part of the last two Dallas Flea (now Flea Style) events, and they are always fantastic. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of their expansion to Houston! But I have some other things in the works in the meantime, so keep an eye out on my IG for those announcements!