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So, uh, is it winter?
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The Inmate Who Escaped Is Back in Jail. Raymondo Aguero, 28, scaled a fence last Friday night in the Dallas County jail’s south tower and hadn’t been seen since. I saw on Twitter yesterday that the county had offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest, which I kind of shrugged at, but I guess it got the job done. He was found in Pleasant Grove. In addition to charges of resisting arrest, unlawful carrying of a weapon, driving while intoxicated, and drug possession, he’ll also be charged with escaping. He’s the third inmate to escape this year. 

WFAA Alleges UNT Botched Gang Rape Investigation. Last year, UNT police “found credible evidence” that two basketball players and the team manager sexually assaulted a freshman student. After the assault, she alleges one of them then called her and asked her to join an escort service. The RA apparently also heard the conversation. Though Denton County declined to indict, WFAA says the university had evidence that the manager had “made arrangements” for three other clients to pay for sex but didn’t pursue it.

Winter Is Stalling. Temperatures will jump this weekend above the average, but a cold front returns Sunday. Expect highs in the mid-to-upper 60s before we jolt back down to frigid. As I type this, it’s 43.

Dallas Officer’s Foot Run Over During Arrest. The officer was off-duty at her apartment at Ross and Routh at the edge of downtown when she saw three people breaking into a vehicle. She confronted them, but two of the suspects got in a car and sped off. They drove right over her foot. The third tried to run, but she was able to catch him. The rest remain at large. 

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