Zeus Comics Will Not Carry New Superman Comic, Due to Author’s Anti-Gay Beliefs

Photo: INTV Gene, via Flickr

DC Comics announced today that the new digital-first Superman series will be written by Orson Scott Card, who, in a 2004 essay argued that if same-sex marriage was legalized “our civilization will collapse or fade away.”

The decision has drawn strong criticism, and led to at least one petition arguing against DC’s choice of Card. Richard Neal, owner of Dallas’ Zeus Comics, announced his shop would not be selling the Card-authored installments:

Zeus Comics will not be carrying the print edition of writer Orson Scott Card’s Superman.

Card sits on the board of the National Organization of Marriage which fights against marriage equality. His essays advocate the destruction of my relationship, that I am born of rape or abuse and that I am equated with pedophilia. These themes appear in his fiction as well. It is shocking DC Comics would hire him to write Superman, a character whose ideals represent all of us.

If you replaced the word “homosexuals” in his essays with the words “women” or “jews,” he would not be hired. But I’m not sure why its still okay to “have an opinion” about gays? This is about equality.


  • Juan Valdez

    So it’s not okay to have an opinion anymore?

    • Jesse

      There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion, but Card takes it far beyond opinion, He actively works to limit the rights of homosexual individuals. Working to deny members of the gay community the right to wed and the right to adopt. He is actually a board member of National Organization for Marriage and has gone on record as saying that he would work to overthrow any government that didn’t accept his terms of what marriage is defined as.

    • lukabratzi

      Not when your opinion takes away other people’s rights. People can stand on their soap box hollering about how its their right to have an opinion all they want, but its my right to not give my money to them or support them for it

      Do you really think that Zeus (a store ran by openly gay men) is going to help fund one of the men behind prop 8? That’s asinine.

    • Mike Zeidler

      It *is* OK to have an opinion, just like it’s OK for a store’s management to have opinions and not carry products they find offensive. It’s the invisible hand of the market made visible!

  • Juan Valdez

    Oh, and I’ve been a big fan of Card’s since his classic Ender’s Game, but I didn’t know he was penning these installments. I’ll have to find them somewhere else then. Thanks for the ad.

    • Georgia

      And I’ll cancel you out by never buying the guy’s garbage again.

  • Joshua Covey

    Good for them! It blows my mind that they would give him work. That dude is everything Superman stands against.

  • Joshua Covey

    Good for them! It blows my mind that DC would give Card work. That dude is everything Superman stands against.

  • Joshua Covey

    Good for them! It blows my mind that DC would give Card work. That dude is everything Superman stands against.

  • pointaken

    And this guy’s gonna write about a dude in tights and a cape?

  • Georgia

    Man alive, that is such a weak platform. What if someone’s “opinion” is that it’s OK to suppress women and minorities, Juan? Or that Jews have no right to exist? Or that people with disabilities should all be sterilized?

    When you opine about the stuff that hate crimes and oppressive legislation are made of, you don’t deserve any public respect.

  • Matt

    That’s it, I’m totally writing a spinoff of Ender’s Game where he and Bean get it on in the battle room

    • Avid Reader

      Make it with Ender and Alai since Bean and Petra are pretty much a done deal. How angry would that make the rest of the world since I’m pretty sure some Muslim governments are hanging gays. But then again, we wouldn’t want to infringe on their delicate sensibilities.