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Texas Is Still the Most Valuable College Football Team, But Michigan Is Closing In

By Bradford Pearson |
Photo: AaronIsNotCool

The University of Texas’ college football is valued at $761.7 million, which makes it more valuable than the Jacksonville Jaguars, a recent study indicates.

The Longhorns are the most valuable college football team, but their hold is slipping. The team’s worth fell five percent from the 2011 evaluation, and Michigan – the second-most valuable – is fast approaching at $731.9 million. For comparison’s sake, the Jaguars – a professional team, though it often does not play like one – were sold for $760 million in 2011.

Other teams of note:

Oklahoma: $454.7 million
Texas A&M: $278.5 million
Texas Tech: $211 million
Oklahoma State: $209.1 million
TCU: $76.6 million
Baylor $71.3 million