Lakewood Stop Sign Voted the “Dumbest in Dallas,” Wins Award From Fancy City Magazine

Source: Reddit

A co-working FrontBurnervian pointed us to Reddit yesterday, where some tech-savvy Lakewood residents were discussing the merits of a new stop sign.

The sign – at the intersection of North Brookside Drive and Tremont Street, adjacent to Lakewood Country Club – drew such reactions as:

– “What a waste! I think I ran it the other day, didn’t even realize it was there.”

– “best part is that within a day of them going up, there was a wreck because of the stop sign…”

– “Brookside sees traffic flowing in and out of the Hollywood Heights neighborhood during typical rush hour periods, but very few cars drive on Tremont, so the stop signs took people by surprise.”

Google Maps shows – pretty conclusively – that this probably isn’t an intersection worthy of a stop sign. Most likely the efforts of  an overzealous neighbor with a kid who just learned how to ride a two-wheeler, IMO.

Thankfully, someone was thoughtful enough to brand the sign, and give it a highly-regarded, award-winning magazine’s stamp of approval:

Anyone driven through this nonsense?

Source: Reddit


  • rossegarner

    Using your google maps link, if you go to Tremont and look both ways, it is difficult to see oncoming traffic from the left because of the trees. I am guessing that is why it got approved. But that is the only logical reason I can think of.

  • Bob Johnston

    Reminds me of the one at White Rock Rd and Lawther that gets knocked down about once a week.

  • ChuckE

    i drive through there all the time and the way people (myself included) came tearing down Brookside, it was only a matter of time before some poor golfer gets run over while retrieving a wayward drive.

    • Kabuki

      ChuckE, there is a fence between the golf course and the road. They would have to suck at golf, jump a 6 foot fence and not look both ways. If that happens, then maybe they should get smacked by a car.

  • S22

    There was a new sign up this morning… even funnier… I didnt have time to take a pic. Hope it is there when I get back. Makes my morning drive to work wonderful. Please keep up the good work “signmaker”

  • CitizenKane

    The mocking taunts of the sign stopped after someone painted the stop signs green (Christmas holidays)…….the stop signs remain the dumbest…….

    The stop sign is actually needed at Brookside and Santa Fe; not Brookside and Tremont !

  • CitizenKane

    Maybe from a google map it looks “difficult”, but in reality it is NOT !