Betches Love SMU

There’s a thing called Betches Love This. It’s kind of like Stuff White People Like, only instead of white people, you’re talking about betches. And a betch, if you don’t know, is just another word for that other word. Anyway, the anonymous betches over at Betches Love This periodically break down a university, betch-wise. Yesterday they did a betches guide to SMU. It is unkind is a very NSFW way.


  • justin

    wrong again timy:

    A betch is often confused with a bitch but make no mistake, they’re different. A betch isn’t just mean for no reason like a bitch is. She’s edgy. Kind of like how poor people have ugly clothes, but you can also be rich and have ugly clothes, bitches are not automatically betches

  • RAB

    Typo: You meant “in a very NSFW way.”

  • Fosett

    RAB, thank you for correcting the obvious.

  • AnEasyTarget

    …and this makes me sad.