What the D Magazine Editors Want for Christmas

I couldn’t help but wonder what made my coworkers’ wish lists this holiday season. So I asked.

photography courtesy of vendors
clockwise from top left: Tim's oxfords, Dan's Rocketeer comic book, Rhonda's Louis Vuitton bag, and my Charlotte Olympia wedges (photography courtesy of vendors)

I’ll start. (Listen up, Santa.)

me, lifestyle editor
I would do bad things for these Charlotte Olympia “Carmen” teal velvet wedge heels.

Dan Koller, People newspapers managing editor
Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer: Artist’s Edition. Perhaps you saw the 1991 film The Rocketeer, starring Billy Campbell and Jennifer Connelly. It was based on a comic book written and drawn by the late Dave Stevens, a comic book with a limited number of issues because of Stevens’ painstakingly detailed and beautiful art. This hardcover volume reproduces all of his Rocketeer illustrations in the highest quality possible, at the same size as the original drawings. The original print run is sold out, but copies do pop up on Amazon and eBay, $100.

Tim Rogers, D Magazine editor
I’ve got a thing for shoes and really dig these bespoke Mr. Smiths by The Office of Angela Scott (raisin toe cap, please).

Charlotte Tobin, online designer
I really want my car detailed.

Rhonda Reinhart, D Home & D Weddings managing editor
This Louis Vuitton Keepall has been on my list for years.

Krista Nightengale, D Magazine managing editor
I want Ruby, a diabetic alert dog.

photography courtesy of vendors
clockwise from top left: Kristin's octopus ring, Peggy's chandelier, and Nancy's Leica binoculars (photography courtesy of vendors)

Todd Johnson, creative director
I want the new Alexander Girard book by Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee. Girard is one of the most influential designers of the 1950s-60s. I love, love, love his work, $120.

Nancy Nichols, food editor
Every year since I was five I have asked Santa for long legs and a British accent. He failed on both. This year I am hoping for a small, two-bedroom treehouse in The Okavango Delta in Botswana. Then I will need a new pair of Leica binoculars and some limes. Oh, and a gallon of Hendrick’s gin. Or an Angry Birds cardinal stocking cap.

Kristin Hull, D Weddings style editor
I want this Noir Jewelry Jules the Octopus ring, $162.

Peggy Levinson, D Home design and style editor
I just want world peace. And this ethereal white porcelain chandelier by Jeremy Cole from Scott+Cooner. It’s the perfect complement above my dining table to the views outside the window and has just the right humorous element. Since it’s $9,000, I’m probably not going to get it.

photography courtesy of National Geographic
Jason's travel experience will stop at Easter Island, Chile (photography courtesy of National Geographic)

Jason Heid, online editorial director
This. (A trip around the world by private jet.) It’s only $65,000.

Kelly Lewis, online art director
I’ll take Thad Johnson.

Zac Crain, D Magazine senior editor
I want a permanent supply of contact lenses so I never have to go to the eye doctor again until I start going blind. I feel guilty because I don’t take better care of them, and the “better 1 or 2, better 3 or 4” test freaks me out. Also, I would like a table saw.

photography courtesy of vendors
Liz's iPhone friendly gloves, and Gillea's poncho (photography courtesy of vendors)

Liz Johnstone, events editor
Touch Screen Gloves (beige). I’ve been looking for these for years. They’re utilitarian, but not hideous. My perpetually freezing fingers can’t wait. And this Pride and Prejudice Clutch. Because I get horribly romantic around the holidays.

Gillea Allison, brand and communications manager
I am obsessed with this Study New York poncho. Also, Need Supply in general. I just want to live in this site and own every single piece of clothing/jewely/shoe/bag they put up there.

Christine's 2012 McLaren MP4-12C (photography courtesy of autoblog.com)

Christine Perez, D CEO managing editor
One of the things I love most about my job is writing car reviews for D CEO. The Jaguar XJ and and BMW 650i convertible I drove earlier this year were sweet, and next week, I’ll be reviewing a McLaren MP4-12C. If any one of those cars were parked in my driveway with a big red bow on Christmas Day, I’d be very happy indeed.

Joey's phone, Glenn's CD, Jamie's espresso machine, and Randy's shirt (photography courtesy of vendors)
Joey's phone, Glenn's CD, Jamie's espresso machine, and Randy's shirt (photography courtesy of vendors)

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, D Home & D Weddings art director
Anthropologie has an amazing line of nature specimens under bell jars. I love the beauty of nature paired with the oddity of the mechanics of watches. It turns these specimens into a wind-up toy of sorts. And the Nepresso Expresso Machine. This little machine is compact, cute and makes a mean expresso in under a minute

Randy McCluer, lead online developer
This Thom Browne sportshirt is shockingly expensive, but I think that makes it a good “gift.”

Joey Hardy, online developer
Galaxy Nexus phone.

Glenn Hunter, D CEO executive editor
A country-music CD called “The Essential Gary Stewart.”


  • A simple man, that Glenn. Shoot for the stars.

  • Eric Celeste

    I like that Tim has decided to skip his 40s and most of his 50s.

  • Ralph

    If you can keep promises, Raya, then the shoes are yours., you minx.

  • Brian

    I like that Tim has decided to start wearing women’s shoes. From the “Narrative” page of The Office of Angela Scott’s website: “The Office of Angela Scott is an edgy yet refined brand for women who appreciate grace and glamour with an avant-garde twist.”

  • I am in the process of doing men’s and since Tim is so ready to wear my women’s collection, he will be the first to sample the men’s collection!! xx