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Take This Oaxacan Coffee and Cocktail Class at Jettison

Spice up your single-origin coffee game.

Afternoon drinking will commence at Jettison, the elegant bar attached to Houndstooth in Sylvan Thirty, when they hold a class entitled “Coffee in Good Spirits, from Oaxaca” this Sunday, November 11.

Led by Tweed Coffee Roasters lead roaster Jonathan Aldrich (we featured Tweed in our Definitive Coffee Guide this year), the afternoon class will be a dip into the riches of Oaxaca with coffees they’ve sourced from single producers in Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca.

Jettison bar manager George Kaiho will also shake up two cocktails, featuring Ilegal Mezcal and Paranubes Rum along with the Tweed coffees and “ingredients native to or inspired by Oaxaca” (think mole and horchata). And they’ll have Oaxacan-style tamales and a guest appearance by Tacodeli. Samples of the Tweed coffees count as a parting party gift for those who want to take the regional spirit home with them.

Tickets are $40 and available here.

TWEED Coffees to Be Featured

Each of these are from a single producer/farm, all from Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Lazaro Martinez, Finca Franciasca

Flavor notes: concord grape, 72% chocolate, juicy

Teodoro Ruiz, Finca Ruiz 

Flavor notes: orange, pomegranate, panela

Josefina Vazquez, Finca Suarez

Flavor notes: cherry, caramel, mint

Jettison Cocktails:

Sleepy Coyote

Oaxaca coffee-infused Paranubes Rum, rich horchata, Ancho Reyes, nutmeg

Cafe No Se

Ilegal Reposado, cold brew coffee, mole sauce, Zucca Amaro

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