TX Delizioso Rolls into the Arts District

Italian sausage pizza (left); Co-owner Sydney Brown (right) photos by Micah Nunley

I stalked TX Delizioso on Twitter all weekend until they confirmed @carol_shih: “Come see us in the Arts District this Tuesday!” There was no way I was going to miss the debut of Dallas’ first pizza truck, so I quickly grabbed photo intern Micah Nunley to take some snaps of Sydney Brown and Lauren Noblett’s newest set of wheels: a truck offering made-to-order pizza and other Italian entrees.

Here’s how my lunch went down.

Chicken fried chicken breaded in homemade spices

Pros: I didn’t have to wait very long for someone to take my order. There was a good crowd of people standing outside (even though it was cold), and the sausage was tasty. It’s pretty impressive when you can build a pizza with any of the 20+ ingredients they have listed on the menu. In theory, you can order a pizza with ALL the ingredients. Pretty sweet, huh? Plus, there are some exotic items like TX fried bison.

Cons: It was only noon and the truck had already run out of fried bison and gravy for the chicken fried steak. Bummer. I spent $14 total for a small, doughy pizza and four “chicken fried chicken” tenders that I wish came with some kind of sauce. The truck doesn’t give out receipts (not working, maybe?), and the food wasn’t very filling. But perhaps I just eat a lot.

These guys have only been operating for a week or so, which probably accounts for most of those cons I just listed.

Here’s the menu for you food truckies: