Adopt an Olive Tree for the Foodie on Your Gift List

File this one in the memorable gift category: adoption of (and three liters of oil from) your loved one’s very own Italian olive tree nestled in the Tre Olive Grove in Calabria, Italy.

For only $110, your loved on will receive:

  • A customized certificate of adoption (in a hard-cover display holder, no less)
  • An informational brochure and welcome letter
  • A photo of the adopted tree, tagged with the recipient’s name and the adoption year
  • And, come spring, three liters of extra virgin olive oil from the adopted tree

The adoption expires after 12 months, just in time for next year’s holiday hubbub.

Visit to knock out your whole list in no time.


  • Sam Hartley

    There is another company who have an olive tree adoption programme, and their oils are fantastic. you can even go and hug your tree in italy. They are called Nudo.