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Signaterra Wines Coming to Dallas

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You can be one of the first people in Dallas to taste some of the country’s most celebrated wines made using sustainable farming methods. Signaterra is the newest lineup of wines from the Benzinger Family Winery and Dallas is one of just five cities in the U.S. to get a chance to taste these beauties, inspired by Biodynamic farming. A quick and dirty description of Biodynamic wines-wine produced from grapes farmed ultra-organically using sustainable farming and several kooky methods including burying cow horns filled with manure under the vines. The Signaterra Sauvignon Blanc has the potential to become a cult classic. It is bright and elegant, with a citrus kick. I love the minerality, which winemaker Rodrigo Soto says, “comes from the soil.” Technically the Sauvignon Blanc is still labeled as organic and is a wonderful expression of the variety. The Pinot Noir will likely send Pinot fans into a tizzy. It is on its way to becoming certified Biodynamic with its next vintage. Soto says the Benzinger Family made an effort to “get bigger by getting smaller.” They are producing better wines by producing smaller quantities and letting the earth and soil shape the vines. The resulting Pinot is fruit forward with ripe red berries, round, and subtle. While it will likely be in Pogo’s, look for it on wine lists at Mercy Wine Bar in Addison, Central 214, and Stephen Pyles. Once I get confirmation about when it will be on shelves. I will post an update. You do not want to miss this wine. FYI, Pogo’s takes pre-orders.