ShopTalk Giveaway: Hard Night Good Morning Skincare Bundle

Hard Night Good Morning
photography courtesy of Hard Night Good Morning

A little bundle of beauty products from the team of Hard Night Good Morning was delivered last week just for you. In these sleek black boxes are three locally created skincare lotions and potions ready to be sent home to a ShopTalk reader. Included: the Facial Cocktail Serum, an aloe-based multitasking elixir that started the line; the Detox Mineral Masque, a clay max to draw out dirt, oil, and other things you don’t want clogging up your pores; and the eye cream, created to smooth, firm, and combat dark circles.

If these sound like things you need–and really, who doesn’t need help with circles and clogged pores these days–try you luck and enter here to win.


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