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Restaurant Review: Chop House Burger

The downtown Dallas burger joint packs them in, but disappoints.
photography by Kevin Marple

Mike Hogue, the head of Dallas Restaurant Group, has put a lot of effort and money into making downtown Dallas a better place to eat. His DRG Concepts currently operates Dallas Chop House, Dallas Fish Market, Wild Salsa, and Chop House Burger. While the upscale concepts Chop House and Fish Market seem to struggle, both Wild Salsa and Chop House Burgers are jammed at noon. Downtown workers are starving for affordable lunches and burgers that don’t have a trademarked name. Too bad the Chop House didn’t satisfy my or my co-workers’ cravings for a decent burger. It doesn’t matter if the beef is Texas raised or all natural and hormone free if the thin patty is cooked to a dark gray and lost in a bun stuffed with toppings. Even the “green” burger, basically a falafel on bread, was fried so long that it took a knife and fork to cut through it. I wish I could say this report was based on a one-time occurrence, but, over three visits, I’ve eaten almost every item on the menu. The most enjoyable sandwich was the Buffalo Burger, and it was tolerable only because I put the patty on another plate and created a sort of burger salad by tossing the luscious red tomato, lettuce, and shaved red onion with the spicy sauce and blue cheese. It doesn’t help that the servers at the counter are snarly. Come on, Mr. Hogue. You can do better than that.

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