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THE CITY While stuck in traffic, aeronautical engineer CAMERON OGG had a novel idea that could, he says, reduce Central construction time by three years and save taxpayers millions of dollars. Ogg has designed a 600-foot moving bridge that has government officials and contractors agreeing on one thing-there’s never been anything like it before.

The bridge, if it’s built, will move 72 feet a day on bulldozer-like crawlers. Starting at Park Lane, the bridge would travel to Woodall Rogers in approximately two years. While the 60-foot-high bridge carries at least three lanes of traffic each way, construction could continue beneath it.

Ogg estimates a $60 million savings on the project by eliminating traffic hassles like temporary paving and barricade installation and removal. A roof and curtains over the construction area would minimize noise and dust and end those costly weather delays.

“We can be ready in time for Central,” says Ogg, “but if the city of Dallas doesn’t want it-if they want all the traffic to go down Greenville and Hillcrest-then we’ll concentrate our efforts on another site-such as Houston.”

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