THE DALLAS MAN or woman is totally integrated into the society as a whole, so his or her clothes are the same as the clothes found in any major city. I can’t honestly say I think there is a New York or a Los Angeles or a Dallas look as such, though I believe Dallas is as sophisticated a city as there is in America.

One thing we have taken from the Southwest is the Western look in dressing, which is probably the only authentically American classic look. It will last as a fashion influence forever. However, we know that everyone in Dallas is not a cowboy or cowgirl, so my fall line has a variety of themes.

In my collection, we try for the best fabric, the best workmanship we can. Red and purple, as well as Black Watch plaids are used, though there are no specific fashion colors right now. The newest color I have seen is a bright, sharp, brassy green. But the best colors are those that complement you, your hair and skintones; colors you can wear for years to come.

Women want quality in their clothes. They understand quality. Above all, they want something they feel well in. My clothes give them this, in an array of opulent, rich fabrics and trims. Of course, the fabrics we send to the Southwest are lighter, thinner, to compensate for the warm climate.

For evening, we use lots of ruffles and flounces, with balloon pants and skirts. I am including shorter dresses, which are newsy because of their length and the extravagant fabrics and colors. Black velvet is also a part of the evening collection, used in one instance in a court jacket with black satin insets on the large, exaggerated sleeves. My most exciting statement is the evening sweater trimmed with bows and ruffles. The whole line for fall can be summed up in a word – luxurious. And luxury is something any woman enjoys, whether in Dallas, New York, or Los Angeles. Or any point in between.


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