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DFW Executives Share One Thing They Would Change About Their Industry and Why

Veena Somareddy talks about changing the healthcare space; Ellen Wharton Smith talks about women in finance; and Gennéa Squire De Torres talks about the scope of talent planning.
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Changing an age-old precedent or long-standing tradition is no easy task. But in many cases change is necessary for a better future. For D CEO‘s June/July issue we asked area executives to discuss what they would change about their industries, and why. Here’s what they had to say:

Gennéa Squire De Torres

Principal Consultant, Cadré Talent Consulting

“I wish more people knew what talent planning is. It is always lost in the mix of recruiting and employee relations, but it complements these needs and saves my clients money if they are proactive and consistent about implementation. The economy always goes up and down but if a client drops employee development funding for one year, they will never get that year back to develop employees.”

Ellen Wharton Smith 

Office Managing Director, Riveron Consulting

“Change is a big component of consulting. In some ways, there is nothing needed except to embrace the change itself and look for ways to be helpful. That being said, I think many women are intimidated to select the accounting and finance industry, specifically consulting as a career choice. Business advisory is in the center of change and has become more achievable to women as a long-term career option.”

Veena Somareddy 

CEO, Neuro Rehab VR

“I’m in the healthcare space—an industry run by insurance reimbursements and not by what’s best for each patient. There is a lot of opportunity to make healthcare more accessible and efficient with massively reduced costs. My aim with Neuro Rehab VR is to shift the industry toward value-based healthcare with a better adoption of new tech and a focus on prevention-based initiatives that will help us have a better future.”


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