Richard Margolin and his dog, Gonzo. Jill Broussard


My Pet: Richard Margolin

RoboKind founder and CTO Richard Margolin’s beagle and basset hound mix, Gonzo, is far from camera shy.

“Since I started Robokind, Gonzo has taken part in an uncountable number of photoshoots and audiovisual pieces. He doesn’t freak out when a bunch of strangers show up and bring a lot of equipment in, and he can stay quiet on the set. It’s not a normal thing to ask of most dogs, but that’s the weirdness that is my life.

When my mother was on the Dallas City Council, she used him for a couple of SPCA initiative photo shoots. And just because he is kind of cute in that weird, awkward way, he ended up in a photoshoot for AT&T for a Valentine’s Day thing a few years ago.

He was ‘discovered’ as I was walking him through Main Street Garden Park. We live downtown, and it’s nice having a few dog parks within walking distance, because Gonzo is pretty social, both when it comes to people and to other dogs. He always wants to say hello to everyone.”


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