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My Style: Sam Sano

She’s the founder of Swoon, the Studio. And she dresses feet-first.
Elizabeth Lavin
What do you do?
Luxury branding and residential, commercial, and hospitality design.

Who is your style icon?
Erin Wasson is my forever muse, and my dear friends Tracy Hayes and Kristie Ramirez are my daily style inspiration. They all have a similar cool-girl (mostly casual) vibe; they’re very laid back, but all badasses. I’m still working on it, but they always look perfectly effortless.

How does your work influence what you wear? 
Depending on the day of the week, I could be walking a construction site, sweating it out at a photoshoot, or tap dancing for a big presentation. Most days I wake up,
check the calendar and the first question is footwear. … I sort of work my way up from there.

“Most days I wake up, check the calendar, and the first question is footwear. … I sort of work my way up from there.”

What inspires your style choices?
My work life is fairly significantly surrounded by fashion, which is pretty fantastic and kind of impossible to not constantly catch the fever of what lands in my inbox. Then it’s how can I mix in a new trend I probably can’t pull off with something I can. And hopefully, I don’t look crazy.

How would you describe your style?
Geez. Maybe casual and feminine? Can’t someone else describe it?

What do you never leave home without?
A small clutch. It’s key. I never know when I’m going to be caught off guard and need to dress up my outfit.

Do you have a go-to look?
My Stella Elyse Oxfords. I have worn them out. It’s time for a new trick! But they have been fun and are so comfortable for running up and down the streets of downtown for work.

What is your favorite store?
It’s impossible for a shopaholic to commit to just one, but for sure Forty Five Ten and V.O.D. for the latest. Vintage Martini and Dolly Python are always on my rotation, too.