Denise McGaha, Interior Designer, Talks About Her Favorite Things

Check out our what inspires the Life in Color contest winner.

Who she is: Interior designer Denise McGaha

Why we love her: One of this year’s Life in Color Contest winners, Denise isn’t afraid to use bright colors; yellow, to be exact. She previously worked at the Downtown Neiman’s store, which is a magical place—almost as magical has her favorite city, Paris. What inspires her to go bold, bright, and beyond? We have the scoop.

Denise-McGaha1. The Maple Terrace: This 1920’s era building on Maple Avenue is where my design studio is housed. I love the pre-war vibe and the feeling of a New York Studio in the heart of Uptown Dallas. It’s where all of our interior design projects are birthed and I feel more creative and inspired in this space than anywhere else.

2. Craighead-Green Gallery: My favorite gallery for sculpture and art for my projects. Kenneth Craighead is a friend and has an amazing eye and just about every artist he shows becomes a new personal favorite.

3. Neiman-Marcus: being an NM alum (I spent most of the 90’s there), there is still something special about the Downtown Store. I buy most all of my wardrobe at Neiman Marcus and my cosmetics salesperson there has been with me for 20 years. She keeps me up-to-date on the latest and the shoe department there has the best service!

4. Rise No. 1: I love Rise No. 1 because it reminds me of my honeymoon in Paris. Their flights and soufflés bring me back to France. I also love the vintage seltzer bottles left tableside when you order sparkling water for dinner. Pets are allowed on the patio so that makes it a regular scene for us.

5. Boulevardier: When I need my fix for oysters this is my favorite spot. The Bishop Arts District is buzzing with activity and this is my favorite spot for a romantic dinner with Chef Daddy.

6. Sharpened Pencils: I cannot begin work without every pencil in the cup on my desk having the sharpest point. It’s a thing. Every intern we have ever had has endured my speech about making sure all the pencils in the office are sharpened.

7. Mr. Beckley: Beck is my long-haired English Cream Dachshund. He is my third child (we have two children ages 11 and 13), constant companion and keeps me relaxed.  Everyone loves Beck and he is a fixture at the design studio.

8. My New Mirror Line: I am so excited about this debut happening this Fall. I have been working on designs for my own line after collaborating with Fashion Glass and Mirror here in Dallas on the redesign of their flagship showroom in the Design District. More to come soon once we have a name for the line.

9. Chef Daddy Scoti: also known as my husband Scott.  He is first and foremost my partner in life and in crime.  But even better, he has become quite the home chef.  His Instagram hashtag #chefdaddyscoti gets an international following as he photographs all of his meals with his signature skull spoon.  #luckygirlIam