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I, Barrett Brown, Have Returned

Prison was a formative experience. Thank you, Department of Justice!

Four years ago, after my overly dramatic arrest by the FBI, I vowed to return to Dallas at the time of its greatest peril, or anyway I meant to vow this. Now I have fulfilled the promise I definitely intended to make; my sentence complete, on Tuesday I rode from a South Texas prison with my mom and dad and Alex Winter for some reason to a halfway house 20 minutes south of downtown. I live in a room with five drug dealers. We have a TV and an Xbox 360. When I came in, they were watching the 1990 Charlie Sheen vehicle Navy Seals, a film of extraordinary obnoxiousness. Further reports will follow.

Special thanks to Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison for releasing the 60,000 HBGary emails in honor of my release. Greetings to my various enemies. Down with all human institutions.






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  • freddyf

    Or were you released in honour of the emails’ release? This is worth reflecting upon, I feel.

    • What they said. You can do the thing.

      • When I came in, they were watching the 1990 Charlie Sheen vehicle Navy Seals, a film of extraordinary obnoxiousness. Further reports will follow.

  • OldLakeHighlander

    Welcome home. Stay sober.

    • soniclife

      What they said. You can do the thing.

      • clinical wasteman

        Actually, who are you, OLH and soniclife, to prescribe that? No slur on your sincerity intended, but there’s a difference between using [substance x,y,z, etc.] and ‘abusing it’, at least everywhere except in the stupidest outposts of the law. Some nervous systems stay perfectly ‘sober’ on the substances you have in mind — and would otherwise break down under the normal onslaught of things — and others don’t.

        Do you really doubt that B.B. — of all people! — knows his own Nervenkostüm and is able to decide? Or that for obvious reasons he might decide not to discuss the decision in public?

        Anyway, welcome back Barrett (or sort-of-back, but the global Wholeway House is still not much better than Halfway except by virtue of your return). If Dallas or wherever you are next gets too galling, you’ll be made more than welcome in the city seceding from the referendum-certified Worst Country In the World.

    • +1

    • really!

  • Katherine Da Silva

    Well done for getting through the ordeal. Hope to see some more of your writing. Hope the sun is shining over there.. at least you can eat what you like now..

  • Jim Schermbeck

    Welcome back. There were some changes made while you were out…..

  • Brad Burns

    LOL this is how the government works, instead of giving you a medal they force you through state funded treatment so they can use you for more perpetual fraud, I’m surprised you didn’t catch a few mental illnesses so you can be profited off of some more, the government is a bunch of crooked bastards

  • Brad Burns

    I’ve literally been in this same situation before while the government was telling me about a mental illness I don’t have, that’s when I started telling them about the 1337 Mushroom underground base I operate for Julian Assange and that pisses them off and it’s fucking hilarious to watch them get mad

  • Kendra Steinhauer

    Welcome back Barret you’ve been missed !!

  • Joe J

    Barret Brown, and anybody else interested in fixing the system, you should migrate to New Hampshire and join others looking to “overturn” the state. The idea behind the Free State Project (which started the migration of libery-minded people to NH) was that if you could get enough people in one region that there would actually be a chance at impacting the political process. There aren’t enough freedom-loving people in any given area to maintain any freedom or liberty, but if enough people come together in a migration it would make a difference in that region, or state.

    New Hampshire happened to get voted as the state because its small size, ability to attract (well off region), was relatively better than other states freedom wise, and for which could be impacted by a migration over time. 10% have moved thus far and the goal is 20,000 in 5 years. We’re about six months in.

    Check out http://www.freestateproject.org/ and http://www.porcfest.org (summer camping festival where thousands of liberty activists get together who have moved/looking to move to NH to partake in a free state) and http://www.freekeene.com/ (freedom stuff happening in NH) and http://www.freetalklive.com (it’s heavily involved in the freedom movement in NH)

    • If I may share my initial thoughts on reading about your project: first, I wondered if you’ve read Wonderland; second, if it hasn’t happened already, I’m sure you all realise such a project has about a 100% risk of infiltration.

      • Joe J

        The FBI has been trying to infiltrate and undermine the movement for years. Between the FBI and police a heck of a lot of activists have been arrested, but the vast majority have not. It’s hard to arrest thousands of people. Despite it things are great. Our numbers are growing and every arrest, every infiltrator ends up making news, every snitch ends up making news, every time we get negative publicity we get news and new people moving.

        They attempted to get Rich Paul who is an activist here to turn and snitch on others. They wanted an insider in the Keene Activist Center. The FBI totally fails to get that everything we’re doing is an open book and every arrest is just drawing more attention to the movement. What comes off as negative publicity ends up attracting more of the type of people we’re focused on drawing here. The entire movement is decentralized and distributed across New Hampshire. They have zero chance at stopping it.

        FBI trys to get Rich Paul to become informant (he faced on the FBI and risked 100 years in prison, he got 1 year by taking it to trial, never informed on anybody):


        They have attempted to frame Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live as being a child molester. He HATES kids. None-the-less Mark Edge a co-host on FTL called out the FBI for DISTRIBUTING child porn and being a bunch of hypocrites. If child porn hurts children then they shouldn’t have been distributing it. Two weeks later the FBI raids Free Talk Lives studio and steals 10s of thousands of dollars worth of studio equipment, computers from him and people who rent from him that live above the studio. Somebody in the FBI basically swore (and probably lied) that somebody accessed the play pen site (child porn site) via the Internet connection with Ian Freemans name on it. They knew full well that the media headlines would make it out as if the FBI was investigating him for child porn. The internet connection is used by hundreds of people because the studio is right next to the Keene Activist Center. It’s a duplex house basically with one side being Ian’s studio (dozens of co-hosts) and the other an activist center. Then there are people living upstairs too. ZERO chance Ian accessed the site and 100% positive the FBI wanted to target him for Mark Edge’s comments. Hilariously the studio was back online (150 radio stations broadcast the show) and operational thanks to supporters within several hours and it never missed a beat despite the FBIs attempt to sabotage Ian and Free Talk Live.

        FTL’s press release on the raid:


        They framed a libertarian politician Kyle Tasker as being a
        “child” molester and they did so with a young women who wasn’t even a
        child. He is purportedly to have talked “dirty” with a 14 year old
        online. The young women supposedly wasn’t interested and disconnected.
        He made no attempt to pursue anything. The girls mother supposedly got
        upset and called the police. FBI goes in and resurrects contact as if
        they are the girl and she is interested. Nothing less than entrapment.
        Entrapment is where the FBI creates a situation where someone who
        wouldn’t otherwise have done something is now convinced to do something.
        So the FBI can’t openly try and sell you drugs or that would be
        entrapment. They have to wait for you to ask them for drugs to make an

        Tasker’s arrest:


        There are hundreds of other arrests of activists for non-violent “crimes”. Many cases have been won, like James Cleveland’s case went all the way to the New Hampshire supreme court and now we have the right to film the police.

        Half a dozen people were arrested for ‘harassing’ parking meter ladies. Again another win at the NH Supreme Court. They are public servants and you do have the right to protest what they are doing.

        Some are pretty stupid. The local or state cops got a warrant at one point to go in and essentially look for safety violations at the activist center. They got them on dead batteries in the smoke alarm.

        We’re actually having a big impact on politics here and the mainstream democratic and republican parties are scared shit. They’re actually fighting libertarians politically. They have sent out all sorts of propaganda. Humorously it’s been to the benefit of the libertarians who have put next to nothing into running for offices. The negative flyers in one case actually helped get the libertarian “agenda” out there. People now know there is a third party and we have politicians getting elected at all levels of government. It’s the first in the nation of libertarians and libertarian party is the 3rd largest political party in America (the national libertarian parties and libertarians in every other state are not principled libertarians and don’t represent those moving to NH, the national libertarians suck, and are little more than republicans in sheep clothing).

        • Wow, they really want to make it tough for you. But bravo for tackling them head-on, and winning. Sounds like you’re all enjoying it too, which must be awesome.

          • Joe J

            🙂 Some of it is fund. It’s a challenge though because the government will crack down hard on those who defy unjust laws. You can only do so much civil disobedience against unjust laws before the penalty becomes a year minimum in prison and few can really afford to spend that time in jail even if we have some of the better conditions near us as far as jail/prisons are concerned.

            On the plus side not everything need be civil disobedience. We’ve had success in getting a law passed that ensured defence attorneys can make juries aware of the right of a juror to vote their conscious. It’s a long held tradition and right that the courts will never inform the juries of and generally will prevent the defence lawyers from informing the jury of. It’s suppose to be a check on the law. The final check. Unfortunately most jurors don’t know their right and the system is setup to prevent someone who is well informed from serving on a jury. Now that the defence attorneys can inform the juries of their rights the states having trouble even bringing at least some victimless crimes to trial because they’ve already seen people get found not guilty because of the changes in the law. For a prosecutor they need to win and if there is a chance they might lose they don’t want to proceed with taking a case to trial. They would rather drop the charges and let people walk free. Informing juries of this right will work for possession of pot, but it probably won’t work for dealing heroin. Both may be victimless crimes, but the general public has this impression that drug dealers are ‘pushing’ drugs and the problem rather than the reality which is people are getting hooked on it as a result of pain killers being prescribed by doctors. That is where the addiction starts and when there are no more pain killers people turn to heroin as the cheap solution. The solution is not to crack down harder on heroin. It’s to get people who are addicted to any kind of drug help. You don’t need a police force for that. You need to treatment options and to treat patients better. You can’t make drug addition a crime or people will fear getting help and just won’t. That’s what we have today unfortunately.

            I’d propose abolishment of the state police (NH didn’t have a state police until the 1930s even) and curtailing the majority of government and police. The vast majority of people would be able to afford private security patrols of their neighbourhood and similar services if hidden taxes were all but eliminated. The poor pay a lot more in tax than they get back, but most people won’t factor in reduced wages as the result of what the government charges employers to hire the person. Essentially 30% of ones income is taken from ones pay between what the employer has to contribute and what is taken from what one is aware to be their pay. I know this because I’m self employed and have to pay the whole thing. There is then another 7-10% in most places that comes from the purchase of goods and services. More for gas/cigarettes/and similar items. Then there are hidden taxes like vehicular registration fees ($200+ a year for even 20 year old vehicles, but more for newer ones), gas taxes, tolls, import taxes/duties that get passed onto customers, and all sorts of other taxes I can’t even think of.

  • Emily Romine

    You, Barrett Brown, have returned and it is glorious! Finally!!!

  • Chad Thompson

    Now go back to Anon and help to covertly secure human prosperity through hacktivism. More help is needed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3fd2adaa221ce70861be81c3d69c4cf43bf6f8da7e0689a4ce6b0ebff898ff55.png

    • chiffmonkey

      I think Hitler should not be portrayed as a benchmark of evil and rather as a historical human being whose actions resulted in humanitarian atrocities, none of which tell us a single thing about his motivations. This is how we treat other historical figures, the Hitler exception is an anomaly.

  • Charitin Penijn

    Lol, keep up the good work fuck the system

    • soniclife


  • soniclife

    If I may quote the popular musician Beyonce Carter-Knowles: “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.” Best wishes.

  • soniclife
  • RobertMStahl

    On to India! You should read Tarzie or Arthur Silber to get in touch. Anyhow, welcome, and is Assange a real person, now, and is all of this dubbed upon your release?

    • soniclife

      Or T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1922). Read that first, in fact.

      • RobertMStahl

        It is just, that, he may be in the shadows without actually knowing what those shadows are. Yes, there is a bigger picture, but dealing with Hegelian overview misses the dynamics, and change in the current moment, covert beyond belief (the end?}. For the lunacy ever expanding, you don’t know if you are caught in the river being washed under, or just sitting on the embankment explaining away all the other sinking items. I suggest he is in the river, and does NOT know it. We need something contemporary.

  • yamdigger

    Welcome back to civilization B.B. …at least, what’s left of it.

  • Alex was there to provide a most Excellent adventure…? Or maybe a docu follow-up?

  • SpaghettiWestern

    Welcome home, Barrett. Where do I send you the stamps I sent you while you were in prison for poker? Returned as ‘undeliverable.’

  • Stacie

    Welcome home Barrett! Keep up the good work! I tried to send books, a carton of cigs, and spending money but was booted of the phone by a rudely toned VOA/fed lapdog house mom.

  • Really hoping to see more articles from you Barrett. Much love and respect from Tampa area.

  • Minimal. So alluring.