Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 30

A new vinyl-themed bar in Expo Park has caught our attention; Monday Night Jazz at the Amsterdam; "Cool Out."

The Record Lounge. Courtesy of Thomas Ezekiel Williams.
The Record Lounge. Courtesy of Thomas Ezekiel Williams.
You can think of this week a couple of ways: We are either counting down to the holiday weekend, or we are all having to cram five days of work into four days. It all depends on your outlook, I suppose.

I was really looking forward to writing a long and impassioned description of what might take place at the Amen Dunes show that was scheduled to take place at Club Dada tonight, but unfortunately it’s been canceled:


Looks like you’ll have to make other plans, but there are some options. Jazz at the Amsterdam on Mondays has long been a tradition in Expo Park, but consider stopping by a new neighboring spot before that warms up. I wrote about my original apprehension about stepping foot in the Record Lounge on Friday, but then I ended up there for Happy Hour, shortly after typing out that initial concern. It’s in the former spot vacated by the Fallout Lounge, but this is a far different establishment. The Record Lounge is a subtle place, where kind, smart people expertly select both the drinks and the music, and I’m hoping this little bar can carve out a place for itself on Exposition. It seems very promising thus far. I won’t bore you with how impressed I was to hear one of my favorite collections of music from the Congo while I was there, but it happened.

Elsewhere in the city, there is the always-reliable (perhaps too reliable) “Cool Out” at the Crown and Harp.

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