Jim Moroney on Future of Newspapers: ‘We’ve Got Barrels of Whoop Ass Left’

In speaking to the trade group Newspaper Association of America on Monday, the publisher and CEO of the Dallas Morning News asserted that print has not been killed by the internet, “nor have we committed suicide by stupidity as some have suggested.”

Moroney said by next year the newspaper industry will collectively post a year-over-year increase in total revenue. “Business diversification” — the DMN has opened or acquired five other businesses in 2012 — and “reader engagement” were the optimistic buzzwords of the meeting.

“As an industry, we’ve got barrels of whoop ass left,” he said. “And all we’ve got to do is put it on.”

I’m not sure how one “puts on” a barrel of whoop-ass.

(H/T: Bud Kennedy)