Leading Off (1/24/13)

Officer Initially Did Not Think Jay Ratliff Was Intoxicated. According to an affidavit. When he spoke to Ratliff at first, Officer Eric Branch didn’t smell alcohol and noted that Ratliff wasn’t slurring his words and “seemed to be moving around quite well.” He found the latter fact odd, since Ratliff plays for the Cowboys. [RIMSHOT]

Ron Kirk Won’t Seek Public Office Again. He plans to spend his time after serving as U.S. trade representative “chillin’ with a homegirl,” but now that I read that, I realize I might have gotten some details from that story mixed up with the Jay Ratliff thing.

Box of Chicken, Tire Iron Are Weapons Used In Fight Over Soda. Other things you should know as you sit with that imagery for a moment: the soda was Big Peach and the alleged assailant’s name is Diamond Lydia.

Council Votes To Move Forward With Second Calatrava Bridge. Even though (even in scaled-down form) its latest projected cost is $115 million, which is $12 million more than the last estimate and $40 million more than the original, well, I suppose at this point it would be best to label that one a “blind guess.” I’m going to speculate that, when the bridge is finally complete in 2017, the final cost will be, hm, let’s say $143 million. Solid hustle, everyone.

Destructive Beaver Gone From Duncanville Neighborhood.  I think this was the B story on Desperate Housewives at one point, but I mostly only followed that show via promos during Lost.


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    Dallas’ priorities are completely out of wack!