Three More Observations About Klyde Warren Park

I want to be clear about this: I think Klyde Warren Park is going to be wonderful. It already is pretty dang cool. Zac, Mike, and I just returned from eating lunch in the park. I ran into four people I know (kinda): a PR professional, our creative director, my priest (though I didn’t say hello to Fr. Joseph because I know he can the smell guilt that comes from spotty church attendance), and a red-bearded young chap who clearly reads FrontBurner (he asked us what we thought of the park and then demanded an update on the blog). That’s one of the most important things the park can do, create interactions that make you feel connected to the place where you live. It is already succeeding. That said:

1. As Zac put it, the park needs to step up its trashcan game. There are simply too few of them. They should be at every entrance/egress point. When we finished eating and turned to head up Harwood and back to the office, we had to walk 70 steps round-trip out of our way to discard our trash. Yes, yes. A small inconvenience. But one easily remedied.

2. The park needs more food trucks. The burger I ate from the Relish truck was delicious. But I had to wait 20 minutes to order it. They were swamped. I get that Relish has an exclusivity arrangement with the park, but a wait like that is a disincentive to go to the park to eat lunch. Relish will do more business if people think of the park as a prime destination to buy food. More food trucks won’t steal business from Relish; they will contribute to it. That, friends, is what we call synergy. Also, the Relish truck can’t do a veggie option because it only has one griddle. Another reason to bring in at least one more truck — at least while we’re waiting for construction of the restaurant to finish.

3. They were working on the fountains near the performance pavilion today. I’m sure everything will be fine. But today there was a serious drainage issue. As in, the water was spilling over the fountain, across a walkway, and into the street. You know why I think everything will be fine? Because Jody Grant was walking around, taking pictures with an iPad.


  • What is your definition of “running into someone”? I hope not to run you tomorrow!

  • @Amy Hofland: You know, you’re galloping at full speed, looking behind you, over your shoulder, trying to spot the hard-hit ball against the bright blue sky, and then you feel the warning track under your feet, and you turn around and — blam! — you run into someone. Like that.

  • towski

    Tim. How dare you snub the delightful Director of the Crow? Have you no shame, sir, at long last?

  • Red Bearded Young Chap

    Well done gents. Well done.

  • I jaywalked across Olive Street (just lay those crosswalk stripes across the whole block now) like everyone else did today to get at the Relish truck around 1120 and good to go in under 5 minutes. While eating right by the flooding, I noticed the line gradually stack way up as I was actually doing some early surveying on where the nearest trash can was for when I finish my #3 burgerama. Right next to the Taj Mahal of Port-o-Potties, actually.

    In other words, yep, agree. (And, thanks for the random cookie Joe & John!) Would’ve been cool if the food truck looked like a streetcar since they were parked on the new tracks and all. . .

  • Tin Foil Hate

    I appreciate your back pedal, Tim. I found your earlier post rather strange given the amount of advertising dollars devoted to Klyde Warren in recent months. Than again, your company does have a history of attacking friends and family and the hands that feed it*

    * unless it is your “legendary” investors.

    • @Tin Foil Hate: My earlier post strange? I pointed out that on the first weekday, there was nowhere to buy food. And I said there were a lot of kids in the park. Oh, and I said that the road that cuts through the park invites jaywalking. I’m happy when people advertise with D Magazine. But they advertise because we bring their message to an audience. And we build that audience by being honest. And by creating alternate universes wherein Chuck Norris and Rick Perry slug chard together.

  • Fr. Joseph

    I sensed your guilt feelings, Tim, and sentence you to an additional 2000 years of Purgatory!

  • Kk

    That is a fab port o potty, air conditioning, sink with running water, flushing toilet and tunes in stereo. Will the permanent restrooms be that nice?