ESPN on Matthew Stafford’s Highland Park Roots

His Detroit Lions may have lost to the Chicago Bears last night, but tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN, E:60 talks to quarterback Matthew Stafford (who led Highland Park High School to a state title in 2005) at his boyhood home in the “well-manicured” Park Cities. (Side note: Does “well-manicured” always mean “rich”?)

One bit noted in the preview above: YMCA refs were apparently wowed by Stafford even when he was just a fourth-grader who could throw the ball 50 yards.

UPDATE: Full video of segment embedded above.

(H/T Park Cities People)


  • JB

    Looks like 6PM CST.

  • The Guy

    I like Matthew Stafford, I think he he is a tremendous football player and will find great success in the sport in the upcoming years. That being said….that guy has the largest head I have ever seen on a human being in my life.