Irving ISD Spends $50K to Promote Itself While Charging Teachers $40 to Have a Microwave

The Texas Watchdog website points out that this week’s split decision by the Irving ISD board of trustees to spend $50,000 to have the chamber of commerce help promote the district comes while teachers still have to shell out money if they want the privilege of keeping a microwave or a coffee maker in their classrooms:

Around the time trustees made those 2011-12 budget decisions, the district authorized a new policy to require remaining teachers and staff to obtain a permit for $40 to install a microwave or refrigerator in their rooms or offices. District officials cited budget and energy efficiency concerns.


  • Jeff

    Are you suggesting that the district should budget money for teachers to buy microwaves for their offices?

  • @Jeff: No, the $40 is a permit fee paid to the district. The teachers still have to provide their own microwaves.

  • Americano

    A permit to have a coffee maker or microwave? Nah, we don’t have too much government!

  • Mike

    I don’t quite understand the outrage here. $40 sounds reasonably close to how much it would cost to power one of those appliances for a year. I’m a privately employed individual and my employer won’t allow me to have either of these appliances in my office, even if offered to pay the electricity. Do they not have microwaves and refrigerators in the break rooms?

    The district competes with private schools and charters for students and needs to promote itself within the community. This is less than $1.50 a student. This contrast makes no sense to me: a reasonable use fee to offset the expense to the district for an abnormally accommodating employee perk to a normal course business expense?

  • JustWondering

    But isn’t this pretty much the case in a lot of school districts? None of them want teachers to have such things in the classroom, Irving is charging for the electricity they’ll use.