Krys Boyd Is Officially a Babe

An alert, tote-bag-toting FrontBurnervian points us to the Tumblr blog called Babes of NPR, whereon KERA’s own Krys Boyd has been noticed. Says the entry: “Krys Boyd is host and managing editor of KERA’s flagship talk show Think. If she’s the girl next door, she’s the one with an IQ of 340. HOT!” Knowing Krys a bit myself, I suspect this is totally going to go to her head.


  • mynameisbill

    I wouldn’t wish a 340 IQ on my worst enemy. She does have daunting(and a bit of mischievousness lurking behind them) eyes, though. Count me as smitten!

  • Besides all of the obvious stuff like good looks etc what makes Krys hot is those she interviews invariably stutter out stuff like, “what a great question”,” I’ve never been asked that before.” If she does her own homework she does it well.

  • Bill Marvel

    Unlike the usual talk-show gas burners, Krys actually read the books her guests have written.

  • Wes Mantooth

    When Margot Adler and Terry Gross both qualify as “babes,” Wayne and Garth would not approve.

  • Ben

    @Wes Mantooth,

    Reality is different on NPR. Part of it is the psychoactive music they employ: when you begin to hear “SexyBack” played on an oud, just run. Then the other day I had the Diane Rehm show on and my two-year-old suddenly perked up, clapped her hands and gurgled, “Hanselgretel!” Still, it was good to see Diane among the other 16 pages of smokin’ hotties, every one a winner.