Log Cabin Republicans Return to Dallas

Last night marked the first meeting of the new Dallas chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans. The Dallas Voice has the story of how the National Log Cabin Republicans de-chartered the group and ousted the former chapter president for engaging “in a consistent pattern of behavior that detracts from the mission of our organization.” That behavior? Inviting members of a competing gay Republican group (GOProud) to speak at the LCR annual dinner and writing an “unsanctioned” column endorsing Rick Perry for president (before he was officially running). The national LCRs started a new chapter despite the fact that former chapter president, Rob Schlein, has since started a third group: Metroplex Republicans of Dallas. (That name should at least make these people happy.)


  • Bob

    Not that anyone around here really cares, but the new LC Republicans will face the same fate as the old LC Republicans, and the Metroplex Republicans, as well. Out gay Republicans exist only for their own self-amusement, since all other Republicans in Texas refuse to acknowledge their existence, refuse to allow participation in any official GOP events, and would just as soon they all moved to San Francisco.