DART Train Gets Wrapped For Christmas


My 3-year-old son loves to ride DART trains. The destination is not important; he just enjoys the journey. Last Wednesday evening, I took him on a short trip to Downtown Plano Station. As we were waiting for our return ride, the train you see here pulled up to the platform. “Daddy, look!” my son said. “It’s a basketball train!” Once we boarded, he seemed genuinely disappointed that nobody was hooping inside the train.

I was as surprised as he was – by the train’s exterior, not by the lack of basketball inside it. I’ve been commuting on DART for years, and this was the first train I’d seen wrapped in an advertisement. (Such ads are common on DART buses.) When I looked for more information, I found out that DART had posted a press release about the Mavericks train just a day before my son and I spotted it.