Leading Off (11/18/11)

Shuttered. Maybe. Apparently DISD is considering closing a few schools and consolidating in a bid to make up for a $38 million shortfall. Most of the schools are elementary schools. In addition, the district’s HVAC department (because who needs that in Texas?) and custodial departments face cuts.

You Booze, You Lose. Or rather, you don’t booze, you lose. An Illinois man is suing Dallas-based Southwest Airlines for breach of contract after the airline changed its drink coupon policy. The man has evidently amassed 45 drink coupons, and under the old terms would be able to use them whenever he wanted. New terms say the coupons must be used on the day of travel.

Unsolicited Uterus Alert. WFAA Daybreak anchor Cynthia Izaguirre announced this week that not only is she pregnant, she’s pregnant with twins.

A Bunch of BCS Stuff I Will Now Post So We Can All Say We Hate the BCS. The Bowl Championship Series is considering several changes to its format, including the possibility of bowing out of arranging every bowl game that is not the championship game between No. 1 and No. 2. This could be a big deal, because also in this change would be the ability to negotiate so-called non-traditional sites like Jerryworld.

Friday! Today is Friday. Next week is just a three day work week, so that makes Monday your Wednesday and not Monday at all, by my math. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? I like this.


  • M Schwartz

    I’m confused about your new commenting application. A few weeks ago during the “bag of dicks” uproar Tim said that there would more controls on commenting. Now there is no editor queue, which is the way it should be.

    Does this new policy have anything to do with the significant drop in traffic on Frontburner?

  • @M Schwartz: All comments are still moderated.

    And FrontBurner has seen no significant drop in traffic. Blog traffic is, in fact, up substantially this year.

  • meddling moderate

    “DISD is considering closing a few schools and consolidating in a bid to make up for a $38 million shortfall. Most of the schools are elementary schools ”

    In other news, HPISD is experiencing an increase in student population that will strain the existing elementary school facilities. HPISD doesn’t have a mandate from the residents to build another school figured to cost $30-35 million (very high land cost within the Park Cities).

    How about refurbishing a nearby DISD facility that is being considered for closure? Seems like it could be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of a new plant within the Park Cities (if you could even find that much land).

  • Long Memory

    Does that mean that Jerry could buy, say, the Texas Bowl? And move it to Jerryworld? And rename it, say, the Jerry Bowl? How awesome would that be? Who says America is no longer the land of opportunity?