First Tattoo Parlor in Uptown

Teresa Dennis, president and “toilet washer,” at Subkulture Klothing and Ink called and told me a bit about herself. Her store is the first and only tattoo parlor in Uptown (at least, in recent years). It took about half a year and a random encounter to get the interview that would get her the store at 2611 Worthington (she was rejected by people on Oak Lawn Avenue and along Knox-Henderson). She says the reason her store was allowed to operate in Uptown is because she’s bringing something to tattoos that she says isn’t really out there: class. “Our entire goal is that we’re going to take tattoos out of the hood or alternative areas and bring them into the light,” she says.

To find out exactly what she means by classing up the biz, jump.

In her tattoo store, you’ll find some unusual items, such as wine, netbooks of tattoos to peruse, and luxury Italian leather settees. The store also carries couture clothing. It has brands such as Christian Audigier, Salvage, Monarchy, Seven for all Mankind, Kimikal, and Scarabello.

Teresa says she’d like to become the Harley Davidson of tattoos. So, here’s to you, Teresa. And about that offer to get a “D” tattooed on my arm, I think I’m going to have to pass. I don’t like needles.


  • Uptown Snob

    Closed by year end? Concept probably would work better in Addison and change the clothes to Ed Hardy/Affliction.

  • Steve

    Klass starts with korrect spelling.

  • Vann

    @Uptown Snob – Christian Audigier IS the man responsible for Ed Hardy. so now you know. they got it right the first time.

    won’t make it a year.

  • UptownPoliticsGuy

    And Uptown Snob, you obviously aren’t spending much time in Uptown these days.

    Affliction/Ed Hardy has unfortunately taken over Uptown as well.

  • Sammy

    I kind of thought it was a good idea, or do people getting tattoos prefer to go to skanky places? Is that part of the “thrill” of getting a tattoo?

    Wouldn’t there be a market for a place where Uptown chicks could get their little ankle tattoos and not feel as if they were going to get robbed walking out the door?

  • Uptown Snob

    @UPG – I’m guessing at certain clubs they have (thankfully the bars I frequent haven’t been over run, or maybe I just go home too early to notice) but do those people actually live in Uptown or just drive down from Addison or some other awesome place?

  • Daniel

    I don’t know who Ed Hardy or Christian Audigier are, although I’ll admit they both sound like an affliction. (So is my friend Matt’s disgusting psoriasis, but I certainly don’t want it on my back.)

    And that, dear dandies, proves I’m all spiritual and stuff. You vulgar boulevardiers.

    Ten months.

  • DGirl

    “Couture?” Ed Hardy and couture do not belong in the same paragraph- blech!!

  • I’m not surprised we’ve gotten to this, but it still pisses me off. The good about it is that I’ll be able to hang with the extremely talented artists that I know in town without having to deal with the idiot douchebags that come in asking for a price on crappy ankle tattoos of derivative old school pieces. Is Subkulture offering vajazzling as well? Seems like a natural fit.

  • formerlyuptown

    can you lease a tattoo? Or pay installments? If so it should do just fine in uptown.

  • teresa

    Wow . . . Dallas is a harsh crowd. We brought Affliction and Christian Audigier in for those you are not as fashion foward as others. The price point is low so you don’t have to spend a paycheck on a Tee. We have great clothing at different price levels. I have two wonderline for men: Atelier and Monarchy. And for the ladies: we have Kimikal and Scarabello. You really have to see these lines to truly appreciate them. We have some of the best tattoo prices in town–No lay-away needed. Before giving us a thumbs down, stop by and have a glass of wine. Then decide how you feel about Subkulture Klothing and Ink.

    Thanks, Teresa