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9 responses to “Ben and Skin Debut in 10 Minutes”

  1. Rollins von Munchhausen says:

    I still recall Will’s offerings at the old Globe quite fondly, but to be honest they simply cannot hold a candle to the true human drama that is today’s Ben & Skin show. Really, nothing could, could it, unless possibly that tragic evening at Lakehurst and Herb Morrison’s touching account.

  2. equitiesindallas says:

    If the author is listening then they’ve already boosted their audience by 100% over their hardline fill-in days.

  3. tobie says:

    i’m listening to them right now…i’m not sure wheter I like them or not…but I can say they’re WORLDS better than pugs & Kelly

  4. Sway says:

    I was a loyal Pugs & Kelly listener, as I listen to Live105.3 everyday at work. Saying that, I can honestly tell you that Ben & Skin have suprised me. I am really enjoying todays show.

  5. Mr. Funny Guy says:

    I don’t see how the show could fail. Nothing says radio gold like giving a humor writer a microphone and having him fill four hours.

  6. mikedime says:

    Two reasons why show will fail:
    1. Bob
    2. Dan

  7. REA says:

    I wish them loads of success at 105.3 so they NEVER EVER come back to my beloved Ticket. In a word, they are terrrrible. Nobody has ever tried so hard to be funny with less success. I used to think they were bad on the radio until I read their work in Quick and saw them in person yucking it up at the Mavs game. So bad…..

  8. LM says:

    What happened to Pugs and Kelly???

  9. Liles says:

    Ben and Skin are badass. Far too sharp for the typical Tick audi.