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Heaven and Hell Cake Stuck In Purgatory

But not for long ...
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The careful reader will have noticed that in our April issue’s “Newcomer’s Guide to Dallas,” we listed Stephan Pyles’ Heaven and Hell Cake among four classic Dallas dishes and cited its location as Stampede 66.

Should you have dropped everything to hunt down the classic—a layered creation: ethereal angel food cake separated from devil’s food cake by a sleek belt of peanut butter mousse, the whole thing dripping with milk-chocolate ganache—you’d have found that this was not entirely true.


Call it the law of conservation of matter, adherence to a culinary law of physics (no chocolate molecules, however sacred or profane, may exist in two places at one time), they won’t begin serving the cake at Stampede 66 until Stephan Pyles Restaurant, where it currently resides, shutters later this month as Pyles prepares to open Flora Street Café in the Arts District. The Heaven and Hell Cake is one of a handful of menu items that will make their way onto Stampede 66’s menu. (I’m sure Pyles feared a riot.)

So hold on. The ground of Southwest cuisine may be shifting beneath us. But it’s going to be okay.

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