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SideDish Traffic: The Greatest Hits of 2014

Ever wonder which SideDish posts attract the most traffic? The answer is just a click away.

If you frequent blogs, you are aware of what keeps them fueled: clicks, hits, page views, and traffic. As a writer and editor of a food-related blog, I try to balance the obvious “clickers” (listicles) with news stories and opinions.

Last December I wrote: “Thanks to all of you who read SideDish, we are celebrating our most successful year.”

Today I repeat: “Thanks to all of you who read SideDish, we are celebrating our most successful year.”

This year was a bumpy ride for the SideDish staff. In May, we lost spunky Carol Shih to San Francisco. We added talented cook and writer Rochell Van Deurzen. She dazzled us with her curious culinary mind. When she left, we snatched Catherine Downes from The Dallas Observer. Her tireless energy and brilliant food photography pushed our fourth quarter numbers up.

We could not produce this blog without our feisty interns. Yeah, they have to spend some time fact checking, but they are also encouraged to write about anything that interests them. One, Hayley Votolato, asked if she could do a roundup of where to eat in Fort Worth. Her post, which almost shut down our server, was the most popular post on any of our blogs this year, not just SideDish.

Many thanks to our regular contributors Hayley Hamilton Cogill, George Lewis, Matt Shelley, Desiree Espada, Wes Wells, Lonny Alfred, Mimi Hoshut, and Steven Phelps. We couldn’t have done it without our intrepid interns which this year included Lauryn Bodden, Lindsey Beran, Staci Parks, and Stacy Markow. Kudos to our online art director, Ricky Ferrer, and interactive designer, Renee Blostein, for their dedication to pretty pictures and graphics. A salute to the captain of the D web world, Jason Heid.

Also, thanks to our nation of over 20,600 Twitter followers. You keep us on our toes. (@dsidedish) We work to keep you informed and always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Here are this year’s  ten most popular posts by page views.

10. 12 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

9. Where to Dine on Mother’s Day 

8. Big Tex Choice Award Winners Announced for State Fair of Texas 

7. How to Smoke Your Own Bacon 

6. Eating Patterns of US States

5. Where to Brunch on Easter in Dallas 2014

4. Where to Book Valentine’s Day Dinner in Dallas 

3. Our Guide to New Fried Foods at the State Fair of Texas 

2. Proof + Pantry Wants No Review by Leslie Brenner. Owners and DMN Management in Heated Battle Over Star System

1. New Fort Worth Restaurants You Need to Visit Right Now 

Let’s kick some sass in 2015!

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