A Grocery Store in Deep Ellum? Postal and Grocer Opens Next Week

Deep Ellum Postal & Grocer readies to make Deep Ellum and Downtown happy.
Deep Ellum Postal & Grocer readies to make Deep Ellum and Downtown happy.

My cube mate, Krista Nightengale, is a downtown dweller. She bitches about the lack of amenities available in her neighborhood. The possibilities for food and drink are available by day, but most shut down by 6pm and are closed on the weekends. My colleague, Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins is also an urban dweller. Like Krista, she likes to walk or ride her scooter to hunt and gather. This morning, Gubbshoe has good news for downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum dwellers: Deep Ellum Postal & Grocer, a new grocery store with a postal center inside is opening next week at 3100 Main St. The smart service provider is Brandon Castillo, founder of the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market. Let’s toss our berets in the air for Brandon.




  • Guesty

    Downtown is still an office park no matter how many people move there. Nothing will change that until the real estate barons tear down the mausoleums their forebearers built in the 50s, 60s & 70s. Why would you live there instead of one of Dallas’ great neighborhoods? (Which have grocery stores.)

  • Deep Ellum Resident

    The pictures don’t look too appetizing. Kind of looks like a run-down postal store at the moment. I only pray that this is a grocery worth shopping at. I’m trying not to be skeptical, but Dallas has taught me otherwise.

  • Downtown Rez

    The downtown community continues to grow since the beginning of the regentrification at the beginning of the century. Great to see the efforts begin and hopefully continue in the upcoming year. For those of us who aren’t breeders, downtown is a great option for living aside from the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs.

  • UpTn DallasSocial

    Any option to 7-11 is a good option.

  • rickyferrer

    Not in this case. Empty shelves with the guy working there asking me what they should carry. When I say coffee, he says “That’s a good idea. No one’s thought of that yet.” Hmmmmm…