• Tr

    catering from Smokie’s BBQ (Hillcrest and Frankford). Really, really good. The sausage was remarkable and the chicken delicious. The owner is a great guy to talk to also.

  • WD

    Seasons 52 lastSaturday. Can’t figure out all the praise…a glorified calorie-posting Houston’s with Cougar crowd. So ordinary in execution. The highlight was the extensive wine-by-the glass program so we didnt have to buy a whole bottle of something we’d never order anywhere else. Again, ordinary.

  • WD

    And having lunch now at Cafe Lago. Love this place. Such fresh ingredients. Couldn’t pass up the favorite Lago Burger. Gazpacho today and it’s always one of the best recipes I’ve ever had. So many too sweet. It’s too early for Gabriella’s Sangria 🙁

  • JB

    East Hampton Sandwich Company. I have gone 4 times this week. Fried Chicken sandwich is excellent. Perfectly crispy chicken accompanied by fresh avocado with a creamy jalapeno sauce. The grilled Caesar with with chicken is a hidden gem on that menu. The chicken must be brined overnight in something amazing because its ultra juicy and grilled to perfection. Lobster roll is an instant classic and the Cuban is a great rendition with that sweet and spicy homemade mojo sauce. Everything I’ve tried has been delicious and its refreshing to see a fast casual joint actually making everything in house. You can really taste the difference.

  • james

    2nd JB on hampton–legit operation

  • shannon

    I’ve been going to East Hampton as well this week, got invited to a private party there–went with a church group and we had a blast. cool environment/place to hang out–and ive been back twice since. sauces are great, salads as well.

  • Lee

    Went to Nova for dinner and had the Arctic Char with English peas. Excellent, well executed piece of fish, medium rare, but crispy. Wonderful service as always. I had lunch at Taco Stop for the first time. Wow! It’s my new favorite spot for tacos. Excellent, non-gimmicky tacos, gracious services and overall A+ experience. The “momma’s broth” or “sopa” is a simple beef broth with spices, lime and cilantra. It is perfect.

  • DGirl

    Dish on Cedar Springs is a real find. They have a white cheddar pimento cheese spread which is delish, served on toast points which taste like oiled sponge bread, but the cheese is so good it makes up for that. A moroccan flavored steak with butternut squash puree was divine – perfectly flavored and cooked and a great, tender taste. I cannot wait to return. Lunch at Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza was outstanding. An Asian calamari salad was outstanding, tender calamari marinated in buttermilk and friend and dusted with five spice power. I ordered the cheeseburger and it was one of the best I’ve had – seriously. perfectly good, meat was well seasoned and the lettuce and tomatoes were fresh – might have even been heirloom. Really a great lunch, I think Dan Landsberg is a great chef – and the dining room has been renovated since I was later there and is very classy. Really can’t wait to return for dinner.

  • The Guy

    The Libertine Bar for brunch on Sunday. Not bad, not bad. The joint was definitely jumping at 11am. Might be a little loud for some, especially if hungover. Good coffee (mixed with all the good things in it I requested), pretty fair biscuits (could have been a little warmer). The braised beef hash was o.k., with poached egg on top. They use beef cheek, so the meat produces a slighter sweeter taste than usual. Better be hungry.

    Went to Toulouse the previous Sunday. Forget how much I like the place. Got a table on the patio right next to the sidewalk and the morning temp was around 66, so the food didn’t even matter. Except it was unbelievable. Great eggs benedict with thinly sliced ham and a side of the house roasted potatoes (normally, I hate these but Toulouse’s version was very well done…not overseasoned). Terrific, crispy bacon. Illy coffee. I hated to leave, and they never made me feel like I had do.

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